The #KrampusMovie/@KrampusMovie Discussion You Knew Was Coming

Come now, you knew this was coming. To back out now or complain about it, wouldn’t make any sense. So just sit back and enjoy it:

The problem with Christmas Horror movies (or books), is that they tried to make Santa Claus the bad guy. That won’t work because Santa Claus isn’t a bad guy.

Krampus should instead be that bad guy Christmas has been looking for and he has been with us all along, we just forgot about him. Instead of telling kids Santa will give them coal if they are bad (which means nothing to them these days), tell them that the fucking Krampus will come to spank them and possibly drag them to Hell.

IMDB lists this movie as being a “Comedy-Fantasy-Horror” and looking at the cast, I am not surprised. The fact that this movie doesn’t have an auto “R” rating or a Red Band trailer, gives me pause if this is really “horror” at all. I am thinking hard “PG-13” and “dark humor” fare. Since I have known to be wrong, I can very well be wrong.

On all those notes, I actually want to see this movie. Looks interesting to say the least. I know there is a complete tone change half-way through the trailer, but it seems natural and I knew it was coming. So am willing to forgive the change in tone for now.

Well, see ya’ later!

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