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I hate to get political when discussing or reacting to movies. Doesn’t mean I will shy away from it. Take for example, this upcoming movie Jane Got A Gun:

I first want to get the non-politics talk first, just because. My first reaction, is that of the cast list. On my goodness, this is a Star Wars prequel reunion (more or less)! Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, and Ewan McGregor were all in the prequels at one point or another. If you don’t know exactly what Joel Edgerton did, he played the young Owen Lars. Also of note, Ewan McGregor is replacing Bradley Cooper, who replaced Jude Law, who replaced Joel Edgerton, who replaced Michael Fassbender.

The trailer really doesn’t do the movie’s plot justice. It makes it seem like Jane (Natalie Portman) is an outlaw fighting the good guys and she needs help defending her home. That seems, interesting, to say the least. However that is not the case. Here is the synopses I got from the Wikipedia page:

Jane Hammond (Natalie Portman) has built a new life with her husband Bill “Ham” Hammond (Noah Emmerich) after being tormented by the Bishop Boys gang. She finds herself in the gang’s crosshairs once again when Ham stumbles home riddled with bullets after dueling with the Boys and their relentless leader, Colin (Ewan McGregor). With the vengeful crew hot on Ham’s trail, Jane has nowhere to turn but to her former fiancĂ© Dan Frost (Joel Edgerton) for help in defending her family against certain death. Haunted by old memories, Jane’s past meets the present in a heart-stopping battle for survival.

The trailer is setting us up for one thing and the movie is going in a different direction. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between. This is why people don’t like trailers. The movie presented in the trailer seems a lot more interesting than the synopses. Just saying.

However my interest in the movie is more academic than anything. With “Gun Control” all the rage right now, I have to ask a couple questions to the left:

Would progressive/liberals take away Jane’s right to self defense and strip her of her gun? Does “Stand Your Ground” not apply here? Would they tell Jane to piss on herself when the bad guys comes to take her? Do you think a “Gun Free Zone” sign outside Jane’s house turn back the Bishop Boys?

I would really like to hear your answers.

Well, see ya’ later!

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