#Trump2016: @BarackObama Endorses @realDonaldTrump Too

I, like many others, watched President Obama’s speech last night. There are many things to pick apart about the speech. I am going to leave that great task to others. However one statement just jump out at me as being completely tone deaf and a sign that President Obama is completely out of touch with reality. One or two other insightful people may have picked up on brief tour of absolute insanity and I am sure I will not be the last. This is what President Obama said:

We’re working with Turkey to seal its border with Syria.

*facepalm and then a scream of frustration*

And there we have it. The final and clinching proof that God currently smiles wonderfully in Donald Trump’s direction. As the sun rises in the east and then sets in the west, the slow realization of this will drive some people insane. I, for one, am not fighting the insanity anymore. In an insane world, you have to be insane to be sane.

If Donald Trump doesn’t pick up this gold nugget and run with it, then Trump doesn’t deserve to be in the White House himself. I mean, the talking points from Trump pretty much write themselves at this point in time:

“Obama wants to secure Turkey’s southern border with Syria in the name of Terrorism, why can’t (he or I) secure our southern border with Mexico in the name of Terrorism?”

It is over people. The writing is on the wall. Everything beyond this point is simple formalities. You are now officially throwing good money after bad supporting any candidate other than Donald Trump.

Well, see ya’ later!


#Walker2016: #Immigration Difference Between @RickSantorum And @ScottWalker Is Clear

If you know anything about me, is that I hate populism with a white hot passion. It is cheap one-liners to move people’s emotions and it doesn’t advance a policy whatsoever. This is populism in it’s most ugly form, fearmongering:

Speaking at a manufacturing firm in Cabot, Pennsylvania, (Rick) Santorum described the economic troubles his home state has experienced for decades. “In the late 70s, like many of you, we saw the economic devastation here in southwestern Pennsylvania and across this country, particularly in the area of manufacturing, as a result of the excesses and indifference of big labor, big government, and yes, big business,” Santorum said. “We lost 100,000 jobs in what seemed to be overnight. That has to, and did, leave a mark on all of us.”

Part of the problem, Santorum said, has been the arrival of millions of unskilled immigrants – legal and illegal – in the United States. “American workers deserve a shot at [good] jobs,” Santorum said. “Over the last 20 years, we have brought into this country, legally and illegally, 35 million mostly unskilled workers. And the result, over that same period of time, workers’ wages and family incomes have flatlined.”

Then Byron York notes Gov. Scott Walker’s immigration comment:

Several weeks ago, a (Rick) Santorum rival, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, stirred controversy when he said the next president and Congress “need to make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, on protecting American workers and American wages.” Even the suggestion of limiting legal immigration beneath its present level – Walker didn’t actually say he would – was enough to cause significant arguments in Republican circles.

There is a clear stark difference here between Scott Walker and Rick Santorum being played out. One is outlining an immigration policy and the other fearmongering for votes. I’ll give you one good guess who is going the fearmongering.

Scott Walker wants to take the American worker/wages into account to set immigration. Walker wasn’t attacking current immigrants (legal or illegal), for one, nor was he saying he would necessarily limit legal immigration (which Byron York rightly notes). Walker just wants to put Americans first when setting immigration levels. He was setting up part of a policy that would guide how President Walker would deal with immigration. There is nothing wrong with that.

However former Sen. Rick Santorum plays, what I like to call, the “other” fearmongering card. This is where someone else (the “other”), and not you, is the problem. Santorum just says out-loud that all immigrants are the problem. To solidified his own ignorance, Santorum lays the “unskilled” card on as well. There are plenty of “unskilled” Americans too, so Sen. Santorum better fucking check himself and soon.

My grandmother is an immigrant from Canada and a naturalized American. Scott Walker would be looking after her if she was still working as well as millions more. So of course I found what Rick Santorum said highly distasteful, thinking my grandmother is the problem. Santorum’s brand of fearmongering populism should be denounced using the strongest possible terms.

Well, see ya’ later!


#Walker2016: @ScottWalker On #Immigration Is Making A Lot Of Sense

I normally don’t like populism talk. It is generally way to simple for a politician to attach slogans that the masses will eat up. “Tax The Rich” is the most mindless one that I can think of right off the bat. This is not populism talk:

When we talk about what should be the policy on legal immigration, it should be driven by the economic impact. And number one on the list of priorities should be: What is the impact on American workers and American wages?” (Wisconsin Governor Scott) Walker said.

“If unemployment is high and labor participation is low, why would we want to open the door and flood the market with more workers at a time when our own people here are looking for work?”

Oh sure it might look like populism, but it is really the start of principal immigration policy disguised as populism. It is brilliant and, for lack of a better word, perfect*.

Before we get deep into the weeds here, I want it noted that I have said over and over again on my podcast that I am not against legal immigration. My grandmother is from Canada and if it wasn’t for legal immigration, I would not be here on this earth writing this now. My grandmother shares my view on legal immigration vs. illegal immigration.

Governor Scott Walker’s comment here works for me on a couple of levels. The first is that Walker notes this is the “number one on the list of priorities” in his immigration policy. This just means that there are other priorities or he still is forming a list, which implies more priorities and a complex vetting process. The second point, is that Scott Walker wants to put American workers first. The President Of The United States may be the leader of the free world, but he/she should honestly be OUR leader and put us first.

So, Governor Scott Walker is making a lot of sense to me. He’s not saying that we should limit immigration, but all Walker is saying is that his immigration policy will take into account the American worker. While I am still looking, I have lost hope finding a “job” in any sense of the word. There are too many people, looking for the same work right now. Count yourself lucky if you have a job right now. And people of both parties are talking about adding more people to the job market (it is enough to drive you mad). I am glad someone is finally wanting to take us into account.

Well, see ya’ later!


The Swamp #7

We need to secure the border.

The Swamp #7: #SecretService, Stuff, #SecureTheBorder, @ChrisSBurgard Guest!

Laura returns from DC enlighten, but not changed. First up is the all too public implosion of the Secret Service. Then we talk about the politicalization of stuff and events, that really should be nonpartisan. Last, but not least, we have a talk with Chris Burgard about his upcoming movie Back To The Border and about securing the border. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


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