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I haven’t done a “Trailer Reaction” in a while, because frankly I have not had much reaction to any of the trailers that have come out. That ended last night.

My first reaction was, this is a cartoon with a live-action Mowgli. Which is fine, IF Neel Sethi (who plays Mowgli) can act. And it looks like Sethi does a great job making me believe he is talking to animals in this trailer. We watch cartoons all the time and enjoy them for not being real. Like I said for the teaser, can we the viewer suspend our disbelief for the shake of the story. This trailer put some of those fears to rest. I personally can see myself enjoying this flick.

Speaking of the story, there isn’t much to it I am afraid. However that too can be pushed aside if the journey is enjoyable. This doesn’t look like a complete rehash, but Shere Khan showing up in the beginning of the trailer maybe a editing trick. This isn’t Kipling stories, but I take it in a pinch.

I am not generally one for racial/ethnic or gender casting just for their shake, but I think Neel Sethi and Scarlett Johansson are brilliant casting choices. 11-Year-Old Neel Sethi doesn’t feel like an affirmative action casting, because he looks like he can act. I am sure that they were only looking Indian kids, but choose him for a reason (I hope). And the teaser was proof enough that Scarlett Johansson was the right pick for Kaa. It is like, I didn’t know Scarlett Johansson should be the only choice to play Kaa until now.

Well, see ya’ later!


The #HailCaesar!/@HailCaesarMovie Trailer Discussion

I don’t always do these posts. I only do them if I have something to say about the teaser/trailer or about the movie itself. After watching this trailer, I have something to say:

First and foremost, this is the last movie of the “Numskull Trilogy” by Coen Brothers. The first being O Brother, Where Art Thou? and the second being Intolerable Cruelty. It had to come to an end sometime folks.

Yes, that is Josh Brolin in the lead role. I was shocked too. I look forward to him playing the Older Gentleman roles starting with this one. It just seems like yesterday he was a teenager in The Goonies. Damn, I am starting to feel old now myself.

But I digress. Blink if you miss it, but that is indeed Clancy Brown. He is going to be in the upcoming Warcraft film, and I know you are looking forward to that movie right now. Some people who are in the movie that don’t make an appearance in this trailer: Christopher Lambert and Robert Picardo.

What sold me was when Tilda Swinton’s character yelled to Josh Brolin’s character that she wanted the truth. Then Josh Brolin goes “The Truth. Em…” and then runs off. George Clooney sort of nod at the end of the trailer also blows me away. You see, that is acting. I will give you an example of some great acting:

Noticed how Catherine Hicks reacted to William Shatner’s “LDS” line. Half of all acting is reacting. Any director worth his or her salt would tell any actor to shove their “one take” policy no matter how famous they are.

“Hail, Caesar!” is also listed as a musicals and I’m not into musicals, but this looks interesting to say the least. If I can, I would definitely go see “Hail, Caesar!” as soon as I can.

Well, see ya’ later!


The #JungleBook/@TheJungleBook Teaser Discussion

Let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we? Maleficent was atrocious. They renamed some characters and there was absolute character assassinations all around. That movie should be tossed into the burn pile where it belongs! While I didn’t see it myself, I hear that Cinderella was a vast improvement. I hear 2015’s Cinderella improves on the original movie, without shooting everyone in the face to get there.

With that said, here is The Jungle Book trailer:

My first thought, was that of the animal characters. We get some flashing images of them. CGI has not yet to come to a point where it can fool the human eye. If they can make us suspend our disbelief, then this movie just might have a chance. If the animals are too cartoony, then people are going to ask why they just didn’t do an all CGI movie.

The cast list looks stellar. Christopher Walken, Emjay Anthony, Idris Elba, and Jon Favreau (Director) with Neel Sethi as Mowgli, to only mention a few.

I have to say, having Scarlett Johansson as Kaa and having the slow reveal of her doing the voice over of the teaser was absolutely brilliant. I honestly had chills by the end of the teaser.

You know, what if we mash audio from this trailer to visuals from the original animated movie?

Ye shall ask and the internet shall provide!

So, overall, I am sold. If the full length trailer comes out and I have more to add, I will let you all know.

Well, see ya’ later!

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