#KosKids: #Russia Loving And #PoliceState Busting

I like to start a feature where I take a look at the distorted views of the clinically insane. Or more commonly known to us on the right-side of the blogosphere, as the KosKids. They are the dedicated and brain-dead followers of Markos Moulitsas, and they have bought some prime real estate at the bottom of the rabbit hole. This feature will take a look at how far down they have gone. I am going to link them, but I beg you don’t click on them.

Russian economy in free fall – will the right wing disavow their crush on Putin?

Er, what? I know I have never had a crush on Putin. In fact, I hate Putin. I think he’s a epic bastard thug. I don’t know anyone on the right who crushes on Putin, at all.

I have seen this from the left off and on, but never understood it until now. Lucky enough for me, “stophurtingamerica” was kind enough here to walk everyone who happen to see this KosKid diary through this delusion. Appearently, some conservative pundits have made some comments that seem to have been taken out of context.

You see, they have taken insulting Obama’s lack of moschino for crushing on Putin:

Well, did you hear that the White House put out a photo of Obama talking on the phone with Vlad, and Obama’s sleeves were rolled up? That was done to make it look like Obama was really working hard – I mean, really taking it seriously. His sleeves were rolled up while on the phone with Putin! Putin probably had his shirt off practicing Tai-Chi while he was talking to Obama. -Sarah Palin

No, this is a joke. We know Putin puts out those cheesy propaganda photos. We are just ripping Obama for trying to doing the same, because Obama looks weak and dumb doing that kind of stuff. Clearly “stophurtingamerica” sense of irony is gone.

The Frankenstein We Have Created (Police rep speaks to MSNBC)

Here a one “JoanMar” laments Police Unions. Just let that little fact sink in a little. While you soak in that knowledge for a second or two, let me get to the money quote:

It may be time that the police unions and their members be reminded that we live in a democracy and not a police state.

Right on! Or should I say, reality off? First, let us go over what “JoanMar” has in mind for these police state loving police unions.

*re-reads article*

Right, my bad, this person dosen’t offer any solutions. I think I can guess (and I hate to use strawmen arguement, but this person leaves me with no choice) what this person wants and that is more government. Which is funny, because more government leads to more police and then to a police state.

Think about it: Democracy is where the “Majority Rules” to force their will onto the minority and they will need a large police force to keep the minority in line. A Republic is where the “Rule Of Law” is upheld and since the minority is protected, a large police force is completely unnecessary.

Well, see ya’ later!

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The Swamp #13

Stepping right up to Russia’s front door.

The Swamp #13: #Rape, #Ukraine, #Azerbaijan, @RaziNurullayev Guest!

With a brand new mic, the ever lovely Texas Blonde Laura rages at the whole Bill Cosby mess. There are no winners here. Then I full Hulk against the newest International Bully, Putin and Russia (which Laura pulls me back a little on this subject). Our guest for this week is the fearless Razi Nurullayev for our first international podcast. Razi came to me and wanted to be on, so we talk about the importance of Azerbaijan. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!

No reads, as I am lazy. Back on Januray 8th, 2015!

Well, see ya’ later!

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Happy Fouth: Dragon’s Breath Edition

I saw this video a couple days (or weeks) ago, and I forgot where, but someone said the Russians don’t have the Second Amendment, yet they don’t think they need one. I guess so (skip to 4:22 to get to the Dragon’s Breath 12 Gauge rounds):

And fun times where had by all! Be safe everyone and remember what Ronald Reagan once said: “America is too great for small dreams.”

Oh yeah: I’m running for local office here in Lake County, FL. More on that later.

Well, see ya’ later!

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