#MarshallMovie/@MarshallMovie Is Pro-#RapeCulture Joke

The upcoming movie, Marshall, is both sexist and misogynist.

In December 11, 1940, two truck drivers found Eleanor Strubing soaking wet and freshly rape. She named her attacker, chauffeur Joseph Spell, and he was quickly arrested. Joseph Spell even confessed. Then two MALE lawyers, Thurgood Marshall and Samuel Friedman, came swooping in and this is where the movie picks up:

Instead of showing the injustice of getting a rapist off, this movie is about “racism” or something.

I’m outraged! If Eleanor Strubing said she was raped, then she was raped! By depicting Joseph Spell, with his two very two MALE lawyers, getting off scot-free, is both misogynist and keeping alive the rape culture in America!

Of course, I am joking. While I would argue that Thurgood Marshall was a poor Supreme Court jurist, he was fighting racism in his own way and he was able to get an innocent man off fake rape charges. However making fun of the Oppression Olympics should be everyone’s duty.

I do have to say that the movie seems intellectually lazy. What is the message, that racism is bad? When is racism good? Will the movie address rape hoax?

While it would appear that racism is dying out (good!), it just goes to show that Rape Hoax is as old as time itself and isn’t going anywhere for now. Both rape and racism is evil, rightly so. However I have a dream when Rape Hoax is also consider just as evil as racism and rape.

Well, see ya’ later!


The Swamp #25

“Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbour”

The Swamp #25: #RapeHoax, #CCW, @ItsMoi_Merry Guest!

What can I say? Likely due to miscommunication, Tex didn’t make it to the show. Fair enough. He is not bound to the podcast in any way shape or form. For that reason there are two segments instead of three and the podcast is just over 40 minutes long. This will likely not happen again.

I rant and rave over the lack of consequences for perpetuating a rape hoax. Rape is wrong, but so is lying about it. I go into two articles by Barbara Kay and Jazz Shaw that go right to the heart of the issue, but don’t make any suggestions as to what to do about these rape hoaxes. So I suggest some “consequence” for falsely reporting rape. If you don’t like my idea or have another suggestion, by all means tell me. Then I have Mary on the show. She is going deep sea fishing off of Florida’s Gulf Coast today and I didn’t want to hold her up from that trip. We talked about awesome new Kansas CCW law. I also explained that we allowed, for a hundred years, progressives to take away our rights, we don’t have to get it back all in one day. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


Thou shall not bear false witness …except against men by Barbara Kay

The lack of consequences for perpetuating a rape hoax by Jazz Shaw

Well, see ya’ later!

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