#FLSen: #PatrickMurphy Gets $1M #SuperPAC Boost …From Dad

Alt Headline: The Rep. Patrick Murphy Bailout

Because that is what it is:

Democratic Senate candidate Rep. Patrick Murphy (Fla.) is getting a major financial boost as his campaign heads into the final stretch, courtesy of a $1 million check from his father.

Thomas Murphy, a Florida home builder, gave the seven-figure sum to the Harry Reid-linked Senate Majority PAC – the group’s largest donation in July, according to the Federal Election Commission.

We all know Thomas Murphy is the financial muscle behind Patrick Murphy.

And oh, look who showed up in this article: Senator Harry Reid. I wonder why…

On July 15, two days after the $1 million check landed in the Senate Majority PAC account, the super-PAC announced to the Washington Post its plans to launch a $1 million ad buy in Florida.

The reported aim was to help Murphy win his primary on Aug. 30 against liberal challenger Rep. Alan Grayson, who is openly opposed by Democratic leadership.

Oh yeah right, Rep. Alan Grayson. What we have here is Thomas Murphy giving a knife to Harry Reid, who then stabs Grayson with said knife. The Alan Grayson/Harry Reid fight is just plain awesome and well documented on this site. You can read about it in their tags below.

There is a very small part of me that wishes that Alan Grayson win the Democratic Primary, because the Senator Marco Rubio* and Alan Grayson fight would totally be awesome. Sadly, the Marco Rubio/Patrick Murphy fight might be slightly one-sided**.

(gets on his knees)

Please God, please give the primary win to Alan Grayson. I don’t ask for much. Please enrich my life and give me some more Grayson. It will be a very boring general election here in Florida without Alan Grayson. Amen.

Well, see ya’ later!


#FLSen: #EnviroWacko Endorses #FloridaMan For #Florida Race

There is not much going on in Florida’s US Senate race that this one almost flew under my radar. Moe Lane breaks down the nuts and bolts here:

Long-time ecological fanatic and general crazy person Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has endorsed Alan Grayson for the Florida Senate Democratic nomination. And very possibly Alan Grayson even wants this endorsement.

And Rep. Alan Grayson sure does want this endorsement, if for no other reason than to shore up his environmental street-creds. Sure he supported ACES Act Of 2009 (Cap And Trade Bill), but Grayson has done fuck all since. Now Alan Grayson can say that he is the “lone, true environmental defender” running for the Florida US Senate race and environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. agrees. With the Democrats shifting far to the left, this is a huge get.

Now Rep. Alan Grayson and super environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can hammer Rep. Patrick Murphy for the Keystone XL pipeline vote. In fact, RFK Jr. mentions Keystone XL in his endorsement. I wish Murphy all the luck in countering and getting an environmentalist to endorse him. In fact, I would not be surprised to see more environmentalists start lining up behind Grayson.

I dare say Moe Lane understates the importance of this endorsement. This is a game changer. Rep. Alan Grayson now out-flanks Rep. Patrick Murphy on every level. This is like the Sanders/Clinton race, on the Florida state level.

As a side note, I endorse Lt Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera for the US Senate.

Well, see ya’ later!


#FLSen: #Poll Has @AlanGrayson 30% @PatrickMurphyFL 23%

This fills me with no end of joy. You do not know how happy this makes me feel right now:

In the Democratic primary for Florida’s open U.S. Senate seat, liberal Alan Grayson jumped ahead of his more moderate opponent, fellow Congressman Patrick Murphy, according to new survey released from St. Pete Polls and commissioned by Florida Politics.

The first statewide survey of the Democratic Senate race since Grayson formally announced his campaign found Grayson leading Murphy by nearly seven points – 30 to 23 percent. Just over 17 percent said “someone else,” and 22 percent are undecided.

Political newcomer Pam Keith, a Navy veteran and corporate attorney, comes in third at 8 percent.

Excellent! Let’s break down some numbers, shall we?

Alan Grayson’s favorability is 38/19. Grayson has a lead in Orlando (57-14), Miami-Dade (24-23), Tampa (27-18), Pensacola (26-19) and Panama City (31-6). Grayson’s support comes from a five point lead with white voters, a sixteen point lead with black voters, and a twenty-six point lead with voters age 18-29.

Patrick Murphy’s favorability is 34/15. Murphy has a lead in West Palm Beach (65-15) and Jacksonville (20-16). Murphy leads Grayson with voters ages 30-49 by ten points.

It turns out Florida Democrats don’t want a former Republican after all. Patrick Murphy has a very tall hill to climb. He might be able to break into Miami-Dade area, but he has a long road elsewhere. Murphy has the support of older Democrats, but no one else. It is still a long road for both until August 2016, but Patrick Murphy starts out in a very bad spot.

I’m super excited right now! My friend and all around “Florida Man” Alan Grayson looks like he will be the Democrats nominee in 2016!

Well, see ya’ later!

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#FLSen: The @AlanGrayson/@JohnMorganESQ War Has Begun

Ladies and Gentlemen, I might have been a little too hasty calling Rep. Alan Grayson “dead man running” for US Senate. It looks like Grayson will not go gently into that good night:

After months of hand-wringing by the Democratic Party establishment and cheerleading by members of the party’s progressive wing, U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Orlando, is expected to announce Thursday whether he’ll challenge Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, in a 2016 Senate primary.

Dear Lord in Heaven forgive me, can I get a bigger hard-on right now? Will all my dreams come true?

“Murphy’s people should be scared because the problem with Alan Grayson is he just doesn’t give a damn,” said Screven Watson, a longtime Democratic consultant based in Tallahassee.

“Grayson doesn’t do things the way normal candidates do them. His campaigns aren’t normal campaigns. He can raise so much money on the Internet that he’s only second to people like President Obama,” Watson said. “There have been liberal candidates who have run statewide before in Florida, but not like Alan Grayson.”

Grayson, who would not comment for this story, rocketed to fame in progressive circles as a House freshman in 2009 for saying in a floor speech that the GOP’s Obamacare alternative was really a slogan: “Don’t Get Sick! And If You Do Get Sick, Die Quickly!” Grayson became a darling of the left, appearing scores of times on MSNBC and becoming a repeat guest on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” where the congressman once received a standing ovation from the liberal crowd for explaining the Occupy Wall Street movement.

I better pace myself, because general all-around bastard John Morgan has decided to make this personal:

(Rep Alan) Grayson’s friend, trial lawyer John Morgan, told Local 6 on Wednesday that Grayson told him face-to-face that he is running for Senate. …

“I think it’s political suicide because Alan … in a very safe district, has a great voice with progressives, but that’s totally different — a primary election is totally different than a general election in Florida,” Morgan said (to Rep. Grayson).

Are you going to let that kind of trash talking go, Grayson?

“I think Morgan should lay off the scotch, at least until noon,” (Rep Alan) Grayson said of (John) Morgan’s reaction.

War Were Declared! That’s my boy, Grayson! You tell them, tell them all! You hold nothing back and you take no prisoners! Take crap from no one, even from an ambulance chasing, unethical creep like Morgan!

No one really likes John Morgan anyway. Drive around Orlando/Tampa Bay area and randomly talk to ten people and you will likely hear ten stories of how much of an awful human being John Morgan is right now. You must not live in Orlando/Tampa Bay area if you think highly of John Morgan in any meaningful way. If you are his friend, it is likely you are only his friend for the money. If Morgan throws his support behind Rep. Patrick Murphy, I expect nothing less than Rep. Alan Grayson jumping all over Morgan’s support for marijuana peddling. This Grayson/Morgan fight helps Murphy in no meaningful way. I look forward to this epic clash of Titians!

I think Rep. Alan Grayson, or someone close to Grayson, has heard me talk how Grayson should play up Rep. Patrick Murphy being a Republican in the past. In the raw video of the resent Grayson interview, he brings this up for the first time (as far as I know). To be brutally honest, it is not hard to find out Patrick Murphy used to dry hump Mitt Romney’s leg back in the day and you will have to be willfully ignorant if you do not know this already.

Awesome. If Rep. Patrick Murphy thought he was going to cake-walk to the nomination, he has another thing coming. That other thing is Rep. Alan Grayson and I don’t think Murphy knows what is about to hit him. Murphy is also caught in a rock and a hard place. If Murphy hits hard on Grayson, he risks losing progressive grassroots support. If Murphy ignores or goes easy on Grayson, he risks a pump-up progressives smelling weak blood.

Well, see ya’ later!


#FLSen: The @AlanGrayson Ride Is Coming To An End

The Alan Grayson train may soon be coming to an end:

Rep. Alan Grayson (D., Fla.) is finding himself in hot water over managing hedge funds that bear his name, actions that are in possible violation of House ethics rules.

Sitting members of Congress are prohibited from using their name in titles of entities for personal financial gain, Politico reports. Rep. Grayson has three hedge funds with his name attached to their title.

Shame. It was fun while it lasted. I really wish he could have made it to the General Election. It would have been much more fun than covering the former Republican Patrick Murphy.

Well, see ya’ later!



#FLSen: @AlanGrayson Justifiably Mad At @TheDemocrats Bosses

I didn’t want Sen. Marco Rubio to run for President. Not because I don’t like him, but because he should have run for re-election. I like the guy and I think he should run for Governor in 2018 when the seat opens up.

However, since he has thrown his hat into the ring for US President, both political parties have scrambled to find people to run for office. The Democrats seem to want to put up one candidate:

…Democrats are gearing up for a competitive race for an open swing state U.S. Senate seat. For weeks, it appeared as though the party was prepared to back moderate Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-FL) as their Sunshine State senatorial nominee. On Monday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee made it official.

“Patrick Murphy is one of our party’s most promising rising stars, and his track record of fighting for Florida’s working families, seniors, and the environment make him the strongest candidate to win the Florida Senate race and flip this seat,” said DSCC Chair Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) in a statement announcing the committee’s decision to back Murphy.

But progressive firebrand Rep Alan Grayson is having none of that nonsense:

“Florida Democratic voters choose our party nominee, not out-of-touch party bosses sipping cognac in a smoke-filled room in Washington, DC.,” Grayson tells the Tampa Bay Times in an email. “As I said before, I am probably going to run for the Senate.”

You tell them, Grayson! Don’t let them suppress you! You are better than that, Grayson! No one tells Alan Grayson to go home or shut-up! The people of Florida choose our Senators, not Washington DC party bosses!

You know, Alan Grayson’s story mirrors Marco Rubio. In 2010, the GOP party bosses in DC wanted Charlie Crist to run for US Senate and threw their weight behind him. But here comes this right-wing Marco Rubio wooing every conservative in the state and scooped up the GOP nomination. It was a Cinderella story if I ever saw one. Alan Grayson has just as much shot as Marco Rubio had.

So yeah, I hope Alan Grayson stays in the race! I am actually getting a hard on right now thinking about all the great articles I am going to be able to write from now until the Primary Election. God help me if Grayson wins (no really: God, please let Grayson win the nomination), because those articles will just get even better.

Well, see ya’ later!

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