Breakdown In #Morale? #Russia Troops Prosecuted After Refusing #Ukraine Fight

Something odd is going down in Southern Russia:

The popular Gazeta.ru website said several dozen soldiers would be prosecuted after fleeing a training ground in southern Russia where they were under pressure to “volunteer” to fight in Ukraine.

The troops had freely enlisted for the army and are not draftees, it said.

It is the latest report to allege Russian soldiers are being sent to eastern Ukraine despite Moscow’s insistence that only “volunteers” are fighting alongside the pro-Russian separatists. […]

Gazeta.ru cited the mother of 21-year-old soldier Ivan Shevkunov, who is facing up to 10 years’ jail as a deserter.

“He said that soldiers were being forced to go (to Ukraine) as volunteers,” said the soldier’s mother, named as Svetlana Nikolayevna.

Daniel Wiser of the WFB notes that in just one unite, 62 soldiers were convicted of AWOL during this year alone is just further proof that Russia is sending troops to Ukraine.

I mean, what the fuck?! This is more than just “proof” of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. You can’t randomly throw a marble in East Ukraine without hitting an unmarked Russian soldier. However 62 soldiers is like an entire US Army Company! That is a serious breakdown in discipline and troop morale right there. Any military officer will be tearing their hair out over those numbers. And this is the only the ones we KNOW about.

Now I am not saying Russia is ready to give up the Ukraine fight. There is still as many as 9,000 Russian troops in Ukraine. That is a big deal however you slice it. All this means, is that not every Russian soldier wants to die nameless and faceless in East Ukraine. I just hope the right people interpret this correctly and takes actions to exploit the breakdown in Russian troop morale.

Well, see ya’ later!

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