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I was asked to review a novel by one of my Twitter followers. I told him, sure why not.

Now, full disclosure, Jeff Faria did give me a copy and told me not to review it if I didn’t like it. I have also only read the first two prologues. Here is a summary of the book:

In 2231, twenty-five billion people walk the Earth. Few lack basic food and shelter. Energy is cheap and abundant. A vast army of ‘bots serves our every need, and those who can afford to do so might live forever. To some, it is a golden age.

But Earth is devoid of resources, now harvested on or around Mars. Nations are ruled from above by governments owned by enormous transnats, and from below by powerful street gangs who have largely usurped the police.

This world is not for everyone. A fifth of the world’s population has withdrawn into the drug Nirvana, while millions more have chosen Martian exile. And a phantom group called ‘The Patriots of Mars’ has committed an act of rebellion that shocks the world.

Josh Reynolds, a Martian-born teen with a secret, is trying to change his life when he gets caught up in the wake of the Patriots’ insurrection. As he struggles to both find and save himself, Josh begins to realize that the change he had hoped for could become something more far-reaching than anyone had imagined.

Again, I have only read the first two prologues (31 chapters total, including the prologues), but what I have read is very interesting. I can honestly say that I will finish the novel and highly recommend getting a copy to read yourself.

It is a “high sci-fi” novel with all the neat gadgets you would want. It has great characters who operate this stuff. With all the talk about going to Mars, why don’t you do yourself a favor and take a trip Jeff Faria is offering to you right now!

Well, see ya’ later!

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