#BeautyAndTheBeast/@beourguest Teaser: Live-Action #Gaston Coming Next Year

Are you ready for a live-action Gaston?

Come on, admit it. You fucking love Gaston. When you think of Beauty And The Beast, you think of Gaston’s song (using a cover, because my site):

So of course when I saw the teaser for the live-action movie:

My first reaction was, who is playing Gaston? And of course it is Luke Evans, because it could have been no one else. I mean, look at that beef-cake:

BAM! Please tell me how the image of Emma Watson being manhandled by a bare-chested Luke Evans will not haunt your dreams! That image alone should fuel fires tonight! Who cares about the CGI Beast, when we have Luke Evans as Gaston!

Well, see ya’ later!

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