#Japan And #SouthKorea Agree To A #WWII #ComfortWomen Settlement

Good news, everyone! Japan and South Korea are finally taking steps to bury the hatchet:

Japan and South Korea have agreed to settle the issue of “comfort women” forced to work in Japanese brothels during World War Two, in their first such deal since 1965.

Japan has [apologized] and will pay 1bn yen ($8.3m, £5.6m) – the amount South Korea asked for – to fund victims.

The issue has been the key cause for strained ties.

No one is completely happy by this agreement, which is why it is a good one. In South Korea’s case, “comfort women” are not getting the funds directly:

The wording of the deal does not explicitly state that the “comfort women” will receive direct compensation, but states that the fund will provide “support” and bankroll “projects for recovering the [honor] and dignity and healing the psychological wounds”.

Some former “comfort women”, such as Lee Yong-soo, have taken issue with this.

Many in Japan think the deal is loop-sided:

In Japan journalist Nobuo Ikeda reflected the view of many on Twitter that the country had lost out, although others thought the deal could have been worse for Mr Abe.

“Japan pays 1 billion yen and our PM [apologizes] but South Korea will ‘consult about the girl’s statue’ (a “comfort women” statue which activists erected outside the Japanese embassy in Seoul in 2011) – that’s not a diplomatic negotiation,” Mr Ikeda tweeted.

I can understand his frustration at the perception that Japan is getting very little over the deal. However what Nobuo Ikeda fails to understand, is that Japan will get closure on this dark side of their history too. You guys need to stop denying this happen and come to terms with it. Revisionism does no one any good. Swallow your pride and take your lumps. You are not the only ones who get history thrown into your face.

I am elated that both Japan and South Korea have come to a respectful understanding on this issue and can move forward as allies. Because, Holy Shit, everyone who is Not-China and is within spitting distance of the South China Sea, should be friends right now. Just saying.

Now only if Japan and the United States can come to an understanding on the U.S. Military bases on Okinawa Island. *sigh*

Well, see ya’ later!

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#HiroshimaNagasaki70: Bombing Of #Hiroshima/#Nagasaki Was A Good Thing

After this posting, I will be putting Darleen Click’s Protein Wisdom on my links page. It is a great site and everyone will do well to follow it.

The reason why I am promoting this great site, is because of this great post about the 70th Anniversary of bombing of Hiroshima:

Anyone … and I mean anyone … that is sniffling about this being an “American atrocity” is a moral cretin. …

My dad enlisted at age 17 in 1946, Army 11th Airborne paratrooper. Because of the A-bomb, he spent ’46-’48 with the occupation Army instead of possibly dead, along with millions of Americans and Japanese who would have died during a prolonged invasion of Japan.

Fuck the people who refuse to understand that.

Now granted, it was a horrific bomb and my heart sinks for every life lost. But Darleen is right that a prolonged invasion of Japan would have been even MORE horrific. My grandfather was too young and was just an Army MP in Germany after the war ended, but his brother was in the Pacific theatre and, through the grace of God, made it out the other side. Both might have been sent, and killed, if we had invaded Japan. Bloodshed, rape, and destruction across Japan would also not have sit well with anyone.

It also showed the world the horrific nature of Nuclear Weapons in general. If we didn’t have those images from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I personally don’t think we could have come out the other end of the Cold War.

Now if you think what we did was bad, think about letting Iran have nuclear weapons. We used the nuclear weapons to end a war and prevent an invasion. Iran wants to use nuclear weapons to wipe an entire people off this earth and jump-start the end times. But I digress…

Despite everything, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was indeed a good thing. It doesn’t balance out (nothing ever does), but it did saved untold and uncountable lives.

Well, see ya’ later!


The Swamp #32

TPP, Bad! H1B, Bad! TPA, Good!

The Swamp #32: #Trade, #FreeTrade, #TTP, #TPA, #ExImBank, @AmericaOverrun Host! @FBillMcMorris Guest!

My tablet is dying. The battery, very likely. So today Texas Transplant steps up to hosting duties and I produce the podcast. I am excited, because it is something new. I hope Tex had fun being the host for a show and I hope you enjoy his hosting!

Today we have “Fancy” Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon on to talk about Trade, Free Trade, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), and everything in-between. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


The Conservative Case for Trade Promotion Authority by Rep. Jeb Hensarling

Well, see ya’ later!


Ichi The Killer

I just watched the a movie the other night. It was a Japanese flick, so you know it is all kinds of messed up. It is call Ichi The Killer.

I believe the film makers asked the question: “Can there be too much violence in one film?”

And the movie asked a question of its own to the film makers in response: “There can be too much violence in a movie???”

Everyone (except maybe two) in this movie is evil and completely unsympathetic. You quickly realize that even the titular character Ichi, played by the wonderful Nao Omori, is not as innocent as he first seems and needs to die along with everyone else. Sailor played by Mai Goto and Kaneko played by inspiring Hiroyuki Tanaka, are the only ones you wish/hope make it out of this one alive. They of course both die at the hands of Ichi.

When Ichi kills crime boss Anjo, Kakihara, played by the multi-talented Tadanobu Asano, causes mayhem thoughout the city to find out what happen and later find Ichi. Kakihara is (self and otherwise) muliated and is a psychopatic killer. He loves getting it as much as he likes dishing it out. Ichi is also a psychopath, but is manipulated by this dude Jijii, played by Shinya Tsukamoto. However you find out that even Ichi is unredeemable and Jijii is just as bad, if not worse, as the so-called bad guys. I won’t write a full synopsis, because you can read a great one on wiki link above.

Did I like it? By the end of the movie, you root for everyone to die in horrible ways. The people behind the film agrees and so they do indeed kill everyone. At some points in the movie, it doesn’t know if it wants to take itself seriously or not. I watched it because there happen nothing else on at time. It is ultra-violent, so don’t watch it if that is not your thing. Clearly you want to keep kids away, as this is not their kind of movie either.

Yes, I liked this movie. While I ended up not caring for any of the characters in the film (except Kaneko), I found the tale of unapologetic mayham refreshing. This is a horror film and should be treated and viewed as such. The fact that is so close to Halloween most likely put me into the right mood for such a movie. While repulsive and shocking in some scenes, I liked the SAW series of films and so it’s honestly nothing I haven’t already seen. I am also often a fan of both Japanese and British cinema. While not every movie from those countries are good, I try to catch films from both nations if I can (I’m also a big fan of Dr Who) and give them an honest shot.

Well, see ya’ later!

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