#Trump2016: New @realDonaldTump #JamielShaw Ad Is Brutal

There is time to unpack the debate last night and I will get to it, but I want to get into this ad that was just came out.

Brutal. Absolutely brutal. If you have not heard the painful story of Jamiel Shaw Jr.’s murder, it is simple enough:

The younger (Jamiel) Shaw was gunned down in 2008 in Arlington Heights by gang member Pedro Espinoza, who mistook the teen for a rival gang member because of the victim’s red Spider-Man backpack.

Espinoza jumped out of a vehicle and shot Shaw in the stomach before firing an execution-style shot to his head. In 2012, Espinoza – who was in the country illegally – received a death sentence for Shaw’s murder.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. is a strong advocate for Donald Trump. Here is Jamiel Shaw Sr., after being introduce by Trump, talking about his son’s death:

Now is Donald Trump has the right idea about immigration? Jamiel Shaw Sr. seems to think so. That is why Shaw Sr. has endorsed him.

The NY Times, notes this ad is similar to the infamous “Willie Horton” and how this will stand out:

The ad conveys a sense of menace without attacking any of the other Republicans in the race, and highlights a core argument of Mr. Trump’s campaign. It is in some ways evocative of the well-known “Willie Horton” ad that ran against the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, Gov. Michael Dukakis of Masschusetts (sic). That ad, which featured a black man who killed a white person after being released from prison under a Dukakis administration program, was overtly racial; the Trump ad does not mention the nationality or background of the man convicted in the 2008 killing.

Regardless of how people view the politics of the immigration debate, the spot is certain to stand out amid a clutter of advertising on the South Carolina airwaves.

I agree. It’s super effective ad indeed. Couple with police officers endorsement of Donald Trump, you can’t help wonder that Trump will be the law enforcement guy. In a world descending into chaos, someone offering order is refreshing.

One more thing about the ad: Since the ad doesn’t attack other GOP candidates, Donald Trump can use the ad in the general election. Just saying.

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#SanctuaryCity Policies Need To End

There is a big hoopla going on right now with Donald Trump’s comments. I am not going to link them or comment much on them, other than to say it was just populist nonsense. And you know how I fucking hate populism. Populism is just red meat talking points that feed emotions with no real policy behind them. Now if Trump had come out with a policy, something that I can get behind, like “Let’s End Sanctuary Cities” for example…

The shit, as they say, has hit the fan:

The killing of a woman at a sightseeing pier has brought criticism down on this liberal city because the Mexican man under arrest was in the U.S. illegally, had been deported five times and was out on the streets after San Francisco officials disregarded a request from immigration authorities to keep him locked up.

San Francisco is one of dozens of cities and counties across the country that do not fully cooperate with federal immigration authorities. The city goes so far as to promote itself as a “sanctuary” for people in the country illegally.

In a jailhouse interview with a TV station, Francisco Sanchez, the 45-year-old repeat drug offender arrested in the shooting Wednesday of Kathryn Steinle, appeared to confirm that he came to the city because of its status as a sanctuary.

What is a “Sanctuary City” anyway? A “Sanctuary City” is a term given to a city in the United States or Canada that follows certain practices that protect Illegal immigration. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto).

Of course, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is not happy about any of this:

“We’re not asking local law enforcement to do our job,” ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said in the statement. “All we’re asking is that they notify us when a serious foreign national criminal offender is being released to the street so we can arrange to take custody.”

…Christensen said the bottom line is that if San Francisco authorities “had merely NOTIFIED ICE that they were about to release this individual into the community, ICE could have taken custody of him and had him removed from the country — thus preventing this terrible tragedy.”

The city did not notify ICE, she said, and, “As a result, an individual with a lengthy criminal history, who is now the suspect in a tragic murder case, was released onto the street rather than being turned over to ICE for deportation.”

I hate to use poor Kathryn Steinle’s death to push policy, but we need a national conversation on this subject and what better time than now. Right? RIGHT?!

The thing we need to talk about is that if Federal Law trumps State/Local Laws with regard to immigration, then why are we not challenging Sanctuary City laws/policy based off that “Arizona v. United States”/”Obergefell_v._Hodges” ruling? Please tell me where I am going wrong here. The first GOP candidate who wants to challenge Sanctuary Cities based off those rulings, will then have to put Democrats on the spot to support or denounce those court cases. If Liberals and Progressives are going to go after local laws and make a federal case out of them, then we should do the same. Sanctuary City policies are just a basic form of amnesty and if we are serious about the rule of law, then we need to meet them head on.

It is also one thing to let people mind their own business and another to just let a known deported illegal immigrant and violent multiple felon back onto American streets. It is RECKLESS and Kathryn Steinle paid for it with her life! San Francisco is in the wrong here and I hope Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has nightmares about Francisco Sanchez MURDERING Kathryn Steinle for the rest of his natural life!

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The Swamp #9

All you pendejos better listen-up!

The Swamp #9: #WarOnWomen, #Islamophobia, #ImmigrationReform, @SooperMexican Guest!

In which Laura talks about the current state of the so-called “War On Women” (which we conservatives somehow can’t shake off). I want to end this Islamophobia nonsense, because we are being attacked by Lone “Religion Of Peace” members and now Canada isn’t safe anymore. Then Sooper Mexican stops by and, as a follow up of sorts to the border podcast, we talk about immigration reform. Laura unfortunately couldn’t make it to Sooper’s segment, but I did suggest that he invite Laura onto a future episode of his podcast. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


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