#Election2016: #EmailGate Worse Than #PlameGate For Sure

So yes, THIS happened:

Clinton received an email in March 2011 from her longtime adviser Sidney Blumenthal that identified a covert Libyan source who was reportedly working with the CIA. Blumenthal said his business partner, the late former CIA agent Tyler Drumheller, had given the information to him.

Clinton forwarded the email over her personal server to a colleague, according to emails published on Thursday by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.), chairman of the House select committee on Benghazi.

An intelligence source said that the email could trigger an investigation into whether any of the parties violated the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, calling the apparent disclosure “a couple steps above Valerie Plame.” …

Blumenthal’s email does not say how Drumheller, who was retired from the CIA at the time, received the information. It is also unclear why Drumheller would pass it along to Blumenthal, who was not in government.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First, let’s start with the comparison with Valerie Plame. Valerie Plame was a CIA employee that was outed by Richard Armitage to Robert Novak in 2003. In Novak’s own words:

Then, without explanation, in June 2003, (Richard) Armitage’s office said the deputy secretary would see me. This was two weeks before Joe Wilson outed himself as author of a 2002 report for the CIA debunking Iraqi interest in buying uranium in Africa.

I sat down with Armitage in his State Department office the afternoon of July 8 with tacit rather than explicit ground rules: deep background with nothing said attributed to Armitage or even to an anonymous State Department official. Consequently, I refused to identify Armitage as my leaker until his admission was forced by “Hubris,” a new book by reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn that absolutely identified him.

Late in my hour-long interview with Armitage, I asked why the CIA had sent Wilson – who lacked intelligence experience, nuclear policy expertise or recent contact with Niger – on the African mission. He told The Post last week that his answer was: “I don’t know, but I think his wife worked out there.” …

First, Armitage did not, as he now indicates, merely pass on something he had heard and that he “thought” might be so. Rather, he identified to me the CIA division where Mrs. Wilson worked and said flatly that she recommended the mission to Niger by her husband, former ambassador Joseph Wilson. Second, Armitage did not slip me this information as idle chitchat, as he now suggests. He made clear that he considered it especially suited for my column.

An accurate depiction of what Armitage actually said deepens the irony of his being my source. He was a foremost internal skeptic of the administration’s war policy, and I had long opposed military intervention in Iraq. Zealous foes of George W. Bush transformed me, improbably, into the president’s lapdog. But they cannot fit Armitage into the left-wing fantasy of a well-crafted White House conspiracy to destroy Joe and Valerie Wilson. The news that he, and not Karl Rove, was the leaker was devastating for the left.

My own very personal opinion is that Richard Armitage did what he did to attack the Bush Admin. But I digress.

Robert Novak flatly denied Valerie Plame was covered by the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, because she was an analyst. What we are looking at here, is a (now long dead) former CIA agent giving Sidney Blumenthal the name of a current (in March 2011) CIA informant, who then passed it to Hillary Clinton and in turn passed it to an unnamed State Department official ON AN UNSERCURE EMAIL SERVER!!

The biggest question we should be asking ourselves, is how did Tyler Drumheller get his hands on the information and why he passed it onto Sidney Blumenthal. Since Drumheller is dead, we need to turn to Sidney Blumenthal who is very likely lawyering up as we speak.

This is worse than PlameGate for sure. Valerie Plame was an employee, an analyst, of the CIA. We are now talking field agents and assets here. We are talking about intelligence gathering operations. We are talking about people’s lives:

John Rizzo, the former acting general counsel of the CIA, responded to news that Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal disclosed the name of a CIA source in an email to then-Secretary of State Clinton, who then forwarded that information to a colleague at the State Department.

“How dangerous is that [information] going over a public server that’s held in someone’s private home in Chappaqua, New York?” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said.

“It could be literally lethal,” Rizzo said. “Who has access to that? Who is trying to hack into it? If this was a foreign-based source living in Libya, let’s say, if you get outed as the CIA source over there, you’re a dead man. So it couldn’t be more serious.”

Literally. Lethal.

Another big question now becomes with evidence of actual law breaking taking place, will Democrats keep defending Hillary Clinton or Sidney Blumenthal? As the reality sinks in that the Intelligence Identities Protection Act was violated here (unlike in PlameGate), will those same Democrats who savaged Karl Rove turn their ire onto Sidney Blumenthal?

Unlikely. And if Scumbag Joe Biden isn’t going to run, Clinton and Blumenthal will get away with it, because Obama Admin needs them to secure his legacy. The Justice Department will make a show investigation and then just as quietly drop the matter in a couple of months. Mark my words.

Well, see ya’ later!


#Election2016: @HillaryClinton Once Called #Syria’s #alAssad A Reformer

Just the other day, Hillary Clinton went on one of those MSNBC shows that no one watches and said all the right things (autoplay video at the link):

In an interview on MSNBC’s MTP Daily, (Democratic front-runner Hillary) Clinton said fighting ISIS would be “very difficult” with (Syrian President Bashar al)Assad still in place and she would “prioritize both” because “you can’t really do one without the other.” She added that “ousting (al)Assad has to be a political process.”

“I think that we’re going to have to, as they say, walk and chew gum at the same time. And that will be to, you know, do the best we can with our friends in the region to go after ISIS and try to, you know, push them out of Iraq and then try to, you know, deal with them and the territory they control in Syria,” Clinton said.

Let’s just get this out of the way and just call “a political process” for what it really is: “Dragging my ass.”

But whatever. Hindsight is 20/20 and Hillary Clinton noted that if President Barack Obama had listen to her, this mess wouldn’t have happen:

“I can’t sit here and tell you that if we had done what I and General Petraeus and Secretary Panetta and others had recommended, we would have made more progress on the ground. I obviously thought so at the time,” Clinton added.

If we had been able to move in, to help organize and support those people on the ground, maybe we could’ve made a difference. Well, we’ve got to deal with where we are right now. It’s obviously now a different set of circumstances. And what the Pentagon has been doing hasn’t worked.

That sound you hear is President Barack Obama being feed The Clinton Bus. If we had obviously just listen to the enlighten Hillary Clinton, this mess in Syria wouldn’t have happen.

Except, the internet never forgets. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is one of the reason we started dragging our feet in the first place:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton… drew a contrast between Syrian President Bashir Assad and his late father and predecessor, and said U.S. lawmakers who recently have visited Damascus regarded him as a “reformer.”

She made the startling comment while explaining why the United States will not intervene on behalf of Syrian civilians revolting against the regime as it has done in the case of Libya.

And now, thanks to EmailGate, we know that Sidney Blumenthal warned Hillary Clinton to stop the “reformer” nonsense:

Longtime Clinton family confidante Sidney Blumenthal warned then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011 that Syrian President Bashar Assad is no reformer.

“Enclosed is an article by David W. Lesch, perhaps the U.S. expert with the closest relationship with Bashar al-Assad, developed out of my continuing correspondence with him, an edited version which I have appended,” in a message to Clinton on June 20, 2011.The bottom line is that Assad’s gestures at reform are delusional attempts to recreate the pattern of his own recent past when he gained a modicum of respect from the West.

What fresh new madness have we been caught up in that Sidney “The Hit Man” Blumenthal is the voice of reason?

But honestly, this is just Hillary Clinton trying to rewrite history and the liberal “Ministry of Truth” doing their level best to help her by sending this down the memory hole. This is why no one likes the MSM. Not once did Chuck Todd challenge her.

This also brings up if we can trust Hillary Clinton not to side with the bad guys.

Well, see ya’ later!

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#Election2016: Did @HillaryClinton Admit To #Perjury On Live TV?

At some point, watching someone repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot becomes boring. We are not just yet at this point with Hillary Clinton:

Yep. Clinton just admitted (ON LIVE TV!) that she didn’t participate in her email review and she can’t guarantee FBI won’t find anything. Up until now, she has stated flatly that she turned over all work related emails without qualifiers. Not only is she moving the goal posts and passing the buck to her lawyers now that her deleted emails have been recovered, but she might have outright committed perjury on the August 8, 2015 affidavit Hillary Clinton signed.

What affidavit? This affidavit:

Hillary Clinton Email Affidavit

Now I am no lawyer, but I can read plain language and this affidavit is readable. If, for some reason, you cannot read the file, here is the relevant parts:

I, Hillary Rodham Clinton, declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct:

…I have directed that all my e-mails on clintonemail.com in my custody that were or potentially were federal records be provided to the Department of State, and on information and belief, this has been done.

If I was David Kendall, I’d be getting my own lawyer at this point and maybe look into cutting a plea deal. I don’t know how clear this can be people. If a bench warrant isn’t issued for Hillary Clinton in the next few months, I’ll be outright astonished. Only time will tell if there is a cover-up or not.

Well, see ya’ later!


The Swamp #37

#BlackLivesMatter Is Being Lead By A …White Guy

The Swamp #37: #EmailGate, #BlackLivesMatter, #Breitbart, And Stuff!

Tex, getting more hours at work, taps out. He will be missed. However we have Kat still around and we get right down to business. First we about Hillary Clinton’s email problem. Then we talk about the clown show that is “Black Lives Matter” movement. Then Kat gets personal with “The Death of a Legacy” segment. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


Family Member Confirms to CNN That #BlackLivesMatter Activist Shaun King Is White by Alex Griswold

Black Lives Matter’ Protesters DRIVE Bernie Sanders From His OWN Campaign Event! LOL! by SooperMexican

Presidential candidate “Deez Nuts” wins tenth votes North-Carolina poll revealed 15-year-old high-school student by Jenny Stanton

Clinton lawyer: Hillary’s server WAS erased of all emails and data before being handed to FBI – and campaign aid says no back up was made of its contents by Stephen Braun

Well, see ya’ later!


#Election2016: We’re About To Usher The #Idiocracy Forward

We Are Standing On The Threshold Of The Idiocracy, And The 2016 Election Cycle Is Going To Usher It Forward.

The GOP frontrunner is a thuggish reality show clown and the Democrat’s frontrunner is a thuggish liar who is now under FBI investigation (not criminally, of course). I am without words. I take that back. I have a few:

We are standing on the threshold of the Idiocracy, and the 2016 Election Cycle is going to usher it forward. What is an Idiocracy?

The film tells the story of two people who take part in a top-secret military hibernation experiment, only to awaken 500 years later in a dystopian society where advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism have run rampant and that is devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights.

This is not a joke people. The current GOP frontrunner defines advertising, commercialism, and cultural anti-intellectualism. The current Democrat frontrunner is devoid of intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and coherent notions of justice and human rights.

In Duck Soup, wealthy Mrs. Teasdale insists that grossly incompetent and thin-skin Rufus T. Firefly be put in charge of a small nation. The thin-skin Firefly is goaded into going to war by the movie’s bad guy. We can laugh at the movie, because no really died. However if the thin-skin GOP frontrunner gets insulted (real or imagine), will he use the power of the government to go after them or send people off to die in a war?

In “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” Zaphod Beeblebrox is President of the Galaxy, a role that involves no power whatsoever. However it requires the incumbent to attract attention from who’s really in charge. Beeblebrox has been rather successful, since he has spent two of his ten-year term in jail. After shortly being sworn into office, will the FBI handcuff the Democrat’s frontrunner?

A real life example would be the Roman Republic. You know what happen. I don’t have to repeat it to you. They were all about the Rule Of Law. Then the games and corruption set in. They wanted their entertainment and entitlements. Then came decline, tyranny, and then vanishment. Moral decay, subjection, and then disappearance.

In the TV show, Roar, a traveling merchant tries to sell “atmos”, a primitive form of gunpowder. The bad guys get their hands on the stuff and make a cannon. The good guys don’t understand and ask the traveling merchant what is that cannon. Knowing what it is and knowing the horrific nature of what he has unleash, the traveling merchant stands before his creation and names his doom: The Future

Does no one else see what the future holds with these two? Does no one else see what both the current GOP and Democrat frontrunner represent? They are the living embodiment of the beginning of the end. They are the ushers of our doom. They are the Idiocracy’s dream realized.

Everywhere I go, everyone says “the people” are not the problem. The talking-head class says that the people are being FORCED to support the GOP and Democrat frontrunner because each party has left them little choice. That’s a load of bullshit! No one is forcing anyone to do anything! Just because we “made them” or whatever, they can be outright ignored! They are a wilfully buying into GOP and Democrat frontrunner charlatans, because they both tickle the people’s entertainment quota and entitlements! Then will come decline, tyranny, and then vanishment. Moral decay, subjection, and then disappearance.

As for the GOP Debate, repeat after me: Life. Isn’t. Fair. So Megyn Kelly was mean to some mega rich guy, who was a raging liberal just a few short years ago and has ultra thin-skin. Cry me a damn river.

There are real Americans out here with real problems. The IRS just robbed my grandmother of some $800, so excuse me if I don’t feel sorry for the mega rich GOP frontrunner or the gullible masses who think he is getting a raw deal.

Well, see ya’ later!


#FLSen: Lt. Governor @LopezCantera’s #Cuba Statement

Sec. Hillary Clinton spoke out yesterday on some pressing issues. No, not her emails, but the lifting of the Cuban Embargo:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday called for lifting the embargo on Cuba

I am going to stop right there, because the rest is just left-wing agitprop. Luckly, we have someone like Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera to counter that nonsense:

Today, Hillary Clinton joined Barack Obama in sad political capitulation to the Castro Regime. For over 50 years, Fidel and Raul Castro have presided over a police state of where the most basic human rights are abridged, where they and their cronies are enriched, and where the regime has been a known state sponsor of terrorism.

Right on, Lt. Governor! Lopez-Cantera then goes criticizes a part of Hillary Clinton’s speech:

Mrs. Clinton also had the audacity to mention the Ladies in White today, but failed to acknowledge that abuses against them have increased since President Obama’s concessions. Lifting the trade embargo with Cuba may actually make the situation worse for the Ladies in White and other Cuban pro-democracy forces. It will do nothing but fund the machinery of violent oppression that has seen members of the Ladies in White beaten and imprisoned. Her moral blindness on Cuba is almost worse than that of President Obama; at least her husband understood the need to maintain the trade embargo against the dictatorship.

He’s right. Anyone with basic search can find this out:

The “Ladies in White” say they were rounded-up by police on Sunday (July 12th), as they tried to divert from their normal protest route in the capital, Havana.

More than 90 of them were bundled into buses off the city’s smart 5th Avenue as they headed towards the seafront, they say.

The women were planning to lay flowers in memory of the adults and children who died when the tugboat they had hijacked sank as it was pursued by the Cuban authorities in Caribbean waters.

Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera finishes strong:

Hillary Clinton made it clear today she wants to reward the Castros, but asks for nothing in return. As she surely knows, any economic benefit flowing to Cuba as the result of ending the trade embargo will not go to the Cuban people, but will enrich the Castro tyranny and cement their despotic hold on power.

A conversation about the future of Cuba is vital, but for me, the conversation must start by putting the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Cuban people first, not the desires of Fidel and Raul Castro.

If Hillary Clinton wants to bury her head in the sand about the reality of Cuba, I am thankful that we have in Carlos Lopez-Cantera a person who can tell us the truth. That is why I support him and you should too.

Well, see ya’ later!


The Swamp #36

“And Another Boy!”

The Swamp #36: #KeystoneXL, #CecilTheLion, #PPSellsBabyParts, And Other Terrible Stuff!

Kat is tending to her husband and family, but Tex joins me after a little hiccup with his computer. Today we go over some progressively horrific stuff. First we talk Hillary Clinton’s frustrating Keystone XL “sidestep” of the issue. While the killing of Cecil The Lion was wrong in so many ways, the left has gone completely batshit crazy nuts over a lion and yet justifies the murder of the unborn. Then we really get mad at PPFA for their human butchery, you just have to see it to believe the evil. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


Hillary Clinton’s Keystone XL “Sidestep” by BigGator5

Killing Of Cecil The Lion Was Just Wrong by Harriet Alexander

New Planned Parenthood video: More price haggling, admissions of procedure changes for harvesting by Ed Morrissey

Well, see ya’ later!


#Election2016: @HillaryClinton’s #KeystoneXL “Sidestep”

Hillary Clinton was asked about the Keystone XL pipeline and this was the answer that she gave:

Oh. Oh, sorry. Wrong film. *shifts through some film canisters* I honestly don’t know how that could have- Okay, found it!

The Washington Free Beacon has more (as well as the Clinton video):

Other environmentalists against the pipeline are criticizing Clinton for not stating her view.

“The risk here for Clinton, of course, is that she could look like she’s being less than forthcoming as a candidate,” Zeleny said.

Hillary Clinton has a creditblitty problem? You don’t say! This is the first I am hearing about this! /snark

All joking aside, this is just bad. In a normal sidestep, you are suppose to deflect so you don’t have to be pinned down on an issue. This is the unique “I’m Just Not Going To Give You An Answer At All” type of sidestep. Everyone and their brother or sister has an option on the Keystone XL, except Hillary Clinton. A New Hampshire voter called her cowardly, and I agree.

Well, see ya’ later!

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The #13Hours/@13hours Trailers Discussion

Yes, TRAILERS. As in “more than one” for those who do not understand the rules of English. Two dropped at the same time and they are absolutely fucking brutal. First up, we have the sort-of SFW one:

Then we have the Red Band trailer, just because I say so:

At first, I thought I saw Noah Wyle as one of the actors. However that may be Pablo Schreiber, of which I think it is a good call.

My friend Moe Lane notes the obvious:

January 2016, huh? …That’s going to get some people exercised, particularly since even the trailer is making it clear that it’s a movie about Heroic American Mavericks Who Had To Fight Both The Enemy And The Cowards At The State Department.

But what is important about that, is that Michael Bay didn’t pull this story out of his ass. It is not some “right-wing” fantasy. There might be some dramatic changes made for the film, but this movie is based off the book, “13 Hours: The Inside Account Of What Really Happened In Benghazi” by Mitchell Zuckoff and THE KICKASS MOTHERFUCKERS WHO WERE THERE!

The public is more or less indifferent to what happen. This is going to change, even if they see this trailer. They will see this, think: “13 Hours? Benghazi? State Department?” and go home to do a google search on these subjects. And Hillary Clinton links everything together. They will be exposed to the lies, the cover-up, and the stonewalling to the general public.

Hillary Clinton has three options, all of them bad. If she tried to suppress the movie, calls of “suppressing free speech” will be heard and just give the movie free press. If Clinton tries to mock the movie, THE KICKASS MOTHERFUCKERS WHO WERE THERE will come out and ask her to mock them to their face. And ignoring the book didn’t stop it from becoming a best seller.

When news of Hillary Clinton wanting to testify before the Benghazi in October broke, my first thought was will she do so under oath. “Why?” should have been my first question. This movie is the “why” she is testifying. I believe Clinton wants to get out ahead of this before the movie blows up too much. I am hoping this will force some truth to the light of day, but I am doubtful.

However I think it is too late. These trailers will do their damage long before October rolls around. To top off everything, “13 Hours” comes out January 2016. Just in time when no one has anything to talk about other than the Election 2016. If I was Hillary Clinton and I care about keeping the White House in Democrat’s hands, I’d be looking for ways to gracefully drop out of the race soon. I am thankful she doesn’t care about other Democrats or Obama’s legacy and only herself, so Clinton will thankfully pass on my advice here.

Well, see ya’ later!


The Swamp #27

“Let It Burn” Is Alive And Well…

The Swamp #27: #UraniumOne, #WarOnBacon, #RFRA, @ClarkHat Guest!

I break one of The Swamp’s rules and talk about a developing news story. The NYTimes put out a story about the corrupt sale of Uranium One:

As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One [a company responsible for one-fifth of the uranium production in the United States] in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the Clinton Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the Clintons, despite an agreement Mrs. Clinton had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.

And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. Clinton received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.

This story grew out of upcoming book by Peter Schweizer, called Clinton Cash. Me and Tex go into it at great length.

Then we return to our topic on the War On Bacon. Will we digress? Will it ever end?! WILL! IT! EVER! END?!

Then we talk to ClarkHat about something and digress a lot. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!

Well, see ya’ later!

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