The Swamp #42

The Lord Spoda Is In The Swamp!

The Swamp #42: #Filibuster, #PopeInUS, #Terrorism, @LordSpoda Guest!

Today we got Lord Spoda in the house! Since it has been an insane week for me, I just had Kat and Spoda on to talk about whatever. First (mostly) me and Kat had a lively debate on the filibuster. The we talk about the Pope and Terrorism. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


5 Longest Filibusters in U.S. History by Tom Murse

Dems filibuster Iran vote by Alexander Bolton

Pope Francis weighs in on climate change. How do his proposals measure up? by Jessica F. Green

Saving the Planet by George Carlin

Pope Francis Met With Kim Davis, Kentucky County Clerk, in Washington by JIM YARDLEY and LAURIE GOODSTEIN

Obama: Romney called Russia our top geopolitical threat by Molly Moorhead

BREAKING! U.S. Officials Say Putin Bombed CIA-Backed Rebels In Syria!! by SooperMexican

Well, see ya’ later!

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#MinorityRights: The #SilentFilibuster Must Be Fully Restored

I’m going to go on the record here and strongly disagree with my fellow conservatives. I am angry that you have all of a sudden turned hypocrites on this matter. Well, I am not one of them!

…the Democrats are going to flip it back to 51 whenever it’s advantageous to them anyway.

You’re full of shit Moe, and you know it. We’re going to have a Democrat President and a Democrat Majority again, and you (along with many other conservatives) are going to scream bloody murder how they are ramming liberal/progressive judges and stuffing the executive branch with out of control liberals. Sure, talking filibusters are all good and fine. But they last, what, 12 hours? A day at most? What happens then?

This is about minority rights. The Rule Of Law tells us we can’t ride roughshod over the minority or the little guy. The silent filibuster ensures that in congress. The Silent Filibuster is enshrined in Treaty Clause, so we do have constitutional precedent for a silent filibuster.

Of course there is a political element to the silent filibuster too! Sure the Deomcrats can do it again, but we can tell Democratic voters they can feel easy voting for the GOP, since we will protect their rights as the minority. They will have a “buy in” to judges and the executive branch, even with a Republican president. It is not just good policy, but good politics too.

So I implore both Democrats and Republicans to fully restore the silent filibuster (with the exceptions of budgets and non binding resolutions, because that’s the majority’s right). I call on my fellow conservative commentators.

Well, see ya’ later!

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