#QuittingTwitter Watch (Day Three): About @AceofSpadesHQ’s Nonsense

Ace said he’s quitting Twitter:

I’m a proud Twitter Quitter and my life has improved since I cut the progressive IV drip.

And he suggests you should too:

Blow Up Your FaceBook (And Twitter, I Assume) Account. Quit With Extreme Prejudice. …

Take control of your lives by ending your dependency on progressive institutions and time-wasting media indulgences.

Yeah! Do it, show us all how quitting Twitter is done! Lead us to the promise land, Ace!

…But Ace is sort of not quitting Twitter either:

My Easy Embargo Of Twitter

Easy Embargo?

I am not going to post anything from that second article other than the title, because it is all nonsense and bullshit. Basically Ace cares so little about Twitter and Facebook, that he is keeping his accounts open and active to “protect” his brand*.

When I called Ace out on his Attention Whoring hypocrisy, he called me an ankle-biting bottom-feeder and then blocked me. Ace must have had a change of heart on blocking me, because he unblocked me shortly afterward.

Then Ace continued to tweet and I told him what my gripe against him was all about.

I had noticed that Ace hadn’t tweeted, so I thought Ace was finally going to keep his original promise of quitting Twitter. I was wrong. Again calling me an ankle-biting bottom-feeder.

I ask you, how is my starting a fight with one of the more influential conservatives on the internet going to get me more followers? Ace leaving or staying on Twitter serves me no purpose.

Ace thinks that I place stock in my followers. If I did, I’d buy followers. I don’t give two fucks if you follow me (but I am becoming increasingly picky about who I follow back) or not, I am making no one do anything.

If Twitter or Facebook shuts down, I’ll just go find something else to do. If I get bored with Twitter or Facebook, I will move on. If I am banned from Twitter or Facebook, I’ll live (it isn’t like I have been banned from a site before).

Again my griped with Ace is that rank, attention seeking “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” hypocrisy. I know Twitter and Facebook is corrupt is hell, but you don’t see me telling others to get off those sites and then stay on to “keep up” my brand. I’m not accusing people of being addicts if they don’t want to quit Twitter. I don’t throw casual temper tantrums like a five-year-old.

One Last Point: There is no half-pregnant or a little pregnant. You are either pregnant or you are not. And you are either quitting Twitter or Facebook or your not. Ace is trying to justify staying on Twitter and Facebook with his “Easy Embargo” nonsense, pure and simple.

Well, see ya’ later!

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Twitter Button Added

Yay! I got a twitter button added! You can find it in the sidebar below under the Random Quote. I did it this way so that EVERY page can now be twitted. This includes tags, categories, or even an archived month. So have fun and tweet anything from my site that you can.

I have to say, I like Twitter more so than I like Facebook. I don’t mind using Facebook and I have a page, but I’m bored with it. Twitter is more exciting for me. It’s really hard to explain why feel this way about both sites.

Well, see ya’ later!

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Now On Facebook And Twitter

Yes, I’ve now officially sold out. I am now on Facebook* and Twitter.

I got onto Facebook because everyone and their brother is on it, so I caved. I’m also sick of seeing Facebook links in Chinese and I hope now that they will be in English from now on. The thing about Facebook that pisses me off right now, is that it won’t let me use my email address. I had to use my Yahoo email and I fucking hate Yahoo email.

I got onto Twitter to make sure no one takes my username there. I will hopefully use it in the future, but for now I may use it sparingly.

Well, see ya’ later!

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