#FeelTheBern: I Think @HillaryClinton Is Done

After last night, I think Hillary Clinton is done. With Senator Bernie Sanders’ YUGE win in New Hampshire* and the very near win in Iowa*, he has the wind to his back. Sanders even has a plan to break Clinton’s Southern Firewall:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to pour resources into South Carolina to improve his standing with black voters in the state to punch a hole in Hillary Clinton’s electoral firewall. …

Sanders plans to boost his numbers by financing a major grassroots campaign introducing himself to minority voters in the state.

“We’re hiring half the state of South Carolina. Unemployment will go down,” quipped a campaign official. “We’re going to mount a very strong grassroots campaign and have young African-Americans knocking on doors in African-American communities.”

If the experiment proves successful in South Carolina, the campaign will next target Georgia, which has a relatively young and educated black electorate.

That was the plan BEFORE Iowa and New Hampshire. Now with the near Iowa win and 20% New Hampshire win under his belt, Bernie Sanders can go to his (big and/or small) donors and ask for more money to so that everyone can #FeelTheBern. I can’t see Hillary Clinton going to her (big and/or small) donors, hat in hand, asking to fend off the unstoppable #BernieBros train.

Personally, I don’t care which one the Democrats pick. There are huge drawbacks for either nominee.

With A Sanders Nomination: The center-left bolts right in the loving arms of the Republican party. Since Bernie Sanders is a huge Gun Rights guy, the gun control groups/supporters also stay home.

With A Clinton Nomination: The far left stays home when she shifts back to the center. We can even throw her extreme stances back at her when she does try to move to the center. I mean, the far left is backing Sanders to the hilt and they will feel (rightly) cheated of their candidate loses. Her coming non-indictment (and that is why she is sucking up to Obama right now) will also be an example of her “white privileged” to escape justice.

We could pick anyone from our side and beat both Democrats in the general election. I would be delighted if they both keep bashing each other until then. Barring an act of God, I don’t think the two Dem front-runners can win dog-catcher election right now.

I want to note that this is just my opinions based off of my observations. I could be wrong. Until I read something to the contrary, I will think this is our election to lose.

Well, see ya’ later!

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