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Come, I will not hide anything from you. I am not gay. I will never be gay. I will not entertain gay thoughts. However I am watching this trailer hard right now, come and join me:

yes. Yes. YES. YES! YES! YES!! YES!!! I want to see this movie hard. I want to see it hard with a woman on my lap (which will never happen). I want to see it hard with a NAKED woman on my lap (only in my dreams).

Here is the Green Band Trailer, but why? I give you the Red Band above, because Uncle Gator love you. The reason he mentions Christmas, is because this is part of the 12 Days Of Deadpool going on.

I saw in the comments that Deadpool isn’t funny and he only appeals to 10-year-old boys. I disagree. I think the reason why he is so popular, is because Deadpool gives not a single fuck all day long. He is the anti-feminist. He is the anti-SJW. He is unbound and unfiltered.

…Just like Donald Trump. I am not joking here. Both of these guys are hated for the exact same reasons, and that is why both are so popular. If I can give Trump any free advice, it would be to say that Deadpool is your favorite hero. In a Venn Diagram of Deadpool and Trump fans, I would bet a million bucks that there would be 90% overlap. If Trump was turned into a super-hero, he would be Deadpool. Actually, Trump would be a cross of Batman and Deadpool: He have Batman’s wealth and gadgets (with no actual powers), but he would be a jerk in the same vain as Deadpool.

Anyway, I digress. A couple character/cameo notes: We all know Colossus here (right?) and so I don’t have to introduce him. The girl at the end who pile drives the woman who throws Colossus, is Negasonic Teenage Warhead (yeah, I am going to just let that awesome name stand on its own). Stand “The Man” Lee and Rob “The Most Talentless Hack In Comics” Liefeld are going to make a cameo appearances.

Well, see ya’ later!

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