#LazerTeam/@LazerTeam Trailers From @RoosterTeeth And Reaction

Jesus? How did this fly under the radar for me? There are no two trailers out and it will start in theaters January 27th.

Here is the first trailer:

Now here is trailer number two:

For completion’s shake, here is the teaser. However there is nothing new in the teaser. The trailer channel on YouTube that I normally go to didn’t have all three, so that is the reason I went to Rooter Teeth’s YouTube site.

Oh yeah, let’s talk about this: Rooster Teeth. Has. Made. A. Fucking. Movie.

I know many other people know about this, but how could I have not known? Well, I kind of stop following Rooter Teeth shortly after Red Vs Blue: Season Five. I just lost interest. I had other stuff to do.

My reaction to Lazer Team? I want to see it. Lazer Team has Burnie Burns and Joel Heyman from the original Red vs Blue crew. Geoffrey Ramsey, Matt Hullum, and Gus Sorola will not be in the movie as far as I know. There are a few new people to Rooster Teeth and other people. I like the concept and it looks like a hard “PG-13” (if you know what I mean).

Unfortunately, I am unlikely to see it anytime soon. There are a couple screening locations in Florida, however they are either sold out or too far away. Hey if you guys want to send me a reviewer’s copy, I will not be opposed to that at all. Email me and you can send me a copy.

Well, see ya’ later!

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