Aratrum Republic: An @AltHistoryHub Contest Entry

Suddenly, about three hundred miles off the coast of Daytona Beach, an island appeared. No one knew when or how it appeared, it was just there. From satellite images, the United States government estimated the island to be around 1,157 square miles in total area. The island had trees and natural landmarks like it had been there for decades or more. An United States Navy ship was dispatched with civilian scientists five months after the island was discovered to study how and why it just appeared.

Upon arriving at the island however, the US Navy ship was shockingly greeted by 100,000 settlers who had already taken up residence. The appointed leader of the settlers, a Jacob M. Richardson, explained that they had all received a vision of the island a month before it was discovered and fully intend to become an independent nation-state.

Well of course the federal government wasn’t going to let this spat of independence stand, so the President Of The United States ordered the captain of the destroyer, a Commander Jake Wade, to arrest the settlers and remove them from the island. Commander Wade countered that the arrest order was ultimately illegal, because technically the island was not claimed by the United States before the settlers arrived. A bureaucratic oversight that cost someone a job (or would be, if getting someone fired from the United States government was a next to impossible task). The settlers were also armed to the teeth and was not too keen to be forcibly removed.

So a compromised was reached that the United Nations would decide the fate of the island. The US Navy ship with the civilian scientists were invited to stay as guests of the island. News spread and another 200,000 settlers came to the island. The new arrivals spread out into five different areas of the island. The population swelled to just north of 400,000 before the migration started to abate.

As more and more people came to the island, they realized that they needed some form of government. Jacob M. Richardson was tasked to name the island, come up with a government, and the flag when they made their case to the United Nations. Being a somewhat learned man and using Latin, Richardson gave “Aratrum Republic” as the name for island’s new nation-state. He named the territories: Borealis to the north, Septentrionalis to the northeast, Orientalis to the east, Australis to the south, and Occidentalis to the west. He named the legislative branch the Legatus and the executive branch council the Rector.

The United Nations didn’t need much prodding to side with the Aratrum Republic, since both Russia and China wanted to stick it to the United States. Three years after appearing out of nowhere, Aratrum Republic gained its independence. The fallout for Aratrum Republic was almost immediate: The island quickly ratified the flag and constitution written by Richardson. Two Russian destroyers appeared and escorted the US Navy destroyer away from the island. Not wanting to be invaded by Russia or anyone else, island leaders suddenly revealed they had five nuclear bombs and were prepare to use them on THEMSELVES if invaded (rendering the island uninhabitable). Commander Wade and most of his crew resigned from the US Navy to start the Aratrum Republic’s own navy. Jacob Richardson was elected to the Rector and re-elected until he died. The Aratrum Republic’s racial demographic percentage mirrored that of the United States with one small difference, they all (well, 99.99% of them) considered themselves Christian Conservative.

The fallout for the rest of the world, was mostly catastrophic: Support for the United Nations in the United States and Europe took a sharp nose dive, as well as US/Russia relations. The European Union soon collapsed after a very angry Hungry decided they had just about enough of Germany’s nonsense. Russia was about ready to invade Eastern Europe and China the rest of Asia, when suddenly the micro-nation movement sprang up all over the world (except Aratrum Republic, Japan, New Zealand, and already establish city-states). The world’s economy came to a stand still as the micro-nation movement was being dealt with. Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East saw the biggest scrambling of boundaries. Weaken Russia, China, and the United States were able to hold it together. Canada got it worse when Quebec broke away. Mexico has become a failed state and all of South America is still on fire.

Hey Cody and those that stumble on this entry, I hope you enjoy.

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