#Trump2016: The @realDonaldTrump Is Starting To Annoy Me

Matt Walsh pretty much sums up my current annoyance with Donald Trump:

So to review: Trump is currently in favor of affirmative action, tax hikes, single payer health care, and the State seizing private land.

Let’s not forget ethanol subsidies. I am not going to defend these stances. I am not in the Cult Of Trump.

However, on the issues, I tend to agree with Donald Trump more than disagreed. I will continue to oppose Trump on the issues that I disagree with him on. I am not a single issue voter, I tend to look at the overall take on issues and a potential leader. I can find no other his equal.

As much as I have criticize Donald Trump over these past months, he has set the debate. Trump is quite literally the center of gravity right now. Everyone reacts to Trump, not the way around.

Well, see ya’ later!

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