The Swamp #49

Thank God I Don’t Have An iPhone!

The Swamp #49: Last Five! #GoingRed Talk And #NationalSecurity Debate! @EdMorrissey Guest!

I am very excited to have Ed Morrissey from HotAir.com on to talk about his book, Going Red! Which you can pre-order right now! We had a little tech glitch, but plow on through because we do get it corrected!

Then somehow got talking about the national security debate around the whole Apple vs FBI mess. I let Ed Morrissey go (because he had other stuff to do) and brought in Kat (now currently on Red Maryland) to finish up the awesome debate.

No read links today, because honestly who reads those anyway?

Well, see ya’ later!

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#KosKids: Another #FeelTheBern Edition

I like to start a feature where I take a look at the distorted views of the clinically insane. Or more commonly known to us on the right-side of the blogosphere, as the KosKids. They are the dedicated and brain-dead followers of Markos Moulitsas, and they have bought some prime real estate at the bottom of the rabbit hole. This feature will take a look at how far down they have gone. I am going to link them, but I beg you don’t click on them.

Just because you know how much I love Bernie Sanders! Let me count the ways!

Bernie for Treasury Secretary

…What not VP or SCOTUS, bjtognotti? Why aim so low? If this is about party unity, bid high and then you can come down.

I think this KosKid thinks that the Treasurer’s job is to go after banks all day long and so Bernie Sanders is perfect for that job. I guess then this makes some sense.

Bernie Sanders finally starts swinging at Hillary Clinton

If bjtognotti above was going for party unity, Egberto Willies is having none of it.

This KosKid thinks it is about time Bernie Sanders finally gone after Hillary Clinton. If you want a friend in politics, buy a dog. Does Sanders want to be POTUS or not?

Bernie Sanders Overtakes Clinton in Three More States, Clinton Supporters Worried in Texas

You think Sanders is down and out? notcinderella has just what you are looking for!

notcinderella takes a look at upcoming polls and there is bad news all around for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is leading now in Massachusetts, and Clinton is in trouble in California and Texas. We can only wait to see how this shakes out in those states.

Anyone having fun yet? I know I am excited about Bernie Sanders taking it all the way to the DNC Convention!

Well, see ya’ later!


The Swamp #48

#TravelCuba And Witness #MassArrests Of Dissidents! Or Visit #Hezbollah! Yay!

The Swamp #48: Last Five! #ForeignPolicy Debate! @thekytikat Guest!

Me and guest Lorraine Yuriar of Red Maryland talk foreign policy! And then we talk about local conservative leaders who need your help! Yay!


#Crime SOARS in #Austria As #Germany Starts Sending Migrants Back by Nick J Hallett

The @DeptofDefense’s Sec. #AshCarter Baffling Comments by Ed Morrissey

Well, see ya’ later!

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#Election2016: The Great @HillaryClinton/@SenatorReid Slap Fight

See that? You see that? That’s #BlueVsBlue violence, son. Nothing else in the world is quite like that. I love reading about Blue Vs Blue violence in the morning.

With five days to go until the Nevada caucuses – once viewed as Hillary Clinton’s Western firewall – Sen. Harry Reid and his allies are incensed at the wounded Democratic frontrunner.

The reason: The Clinton campaign’s attempt to downgrade expectations there by whitewashing the diverse state.

The campaign’s recent assertion that Nevada is “still a state that is 80 percent white voters” – in other words, a state that looks alot like Bernie Sanders’ base – is simply wrong, Reid allies claim. But more galling than that, they say, it undermines the entire rationale for the caucuses’ existence – the state was only pushed to the front of the election calendar eight years ago because Reid lobbied for better demographic representation than the overwhelmingly white early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire.

You know, one time we had exposed Hillary Clinton’s emails. When it was all over the web, I walked up to my computer to spread the news. We didn’t find one of ’em, not one stinkin’ email that was on a State Department server. The smell, you know that desperation smell, the whole Hillary Clinton campaign. Smells like…

*tears start flowing from Gator’s eyes*

victory. Someday this election’s gonna end…

*Gator gets up from the computer, not able to type any more*

Well, see ya’ later!

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#Trump2016: The @realDonaldTrump Holds Strong

There’s a theory out there that goes something like this: The more candidates drop out, the more support will go to someone other than Donald Trump.

Well, people have been dropping like flies and we are getting our first look at if this theory holds up. It really doesn’t:

Donald Trump – 42%
Ted Cruz – 20%
Marco Rubio – 15%

It does show trends and, while Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have both benefited, it would seem that Donald Trump’s lead has not changed if only slightly. Trump still sits at a comfortable 22 points ahead of Cruz.

It now doesn’t matter if Donald Trump went batshit crazy last night, he can afford to lose a few points on the margins. Our embrace of Alex Jones and Rand Paul has left a libertarian foreign policy gap within the GOP, and it seems that Trump is more than willing to slide right into that role. I don’t like it any more than you do, but you know as well as I do a million fucking screaming (Ron/Rand) Paul Fans are going to start singing the love of Donald Trump and they are all Republicans now. It is now so crystal clear to me that we have indeed created Trump. And besides, high ideals on foreign policy crumble in the wake of reality.

I will however make you guys this promise: If Donald Trump loses South Carolina over this, then I swear to you I will immediately change my endorsement to whoever wins. You have my word.

Well, see ya’ later!

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#Trump2016: New @realDonaldTump #JamielShaw Ad Is Brutal

There is time to unpack the debate last night and I will get to it, but I want to get into this ad that was just came out.

Brutal. Absolutely brutal. If you have not heard the painful story of Jamiel Shaw Jr.’s murder, it is simple enough:

The younger (Jamiel) Shaw was gunned down in 2008 in Arlington Heights by gang member Pedro Espinoza, who mistook the teen for a rival gang member because of the victim’s red Spider-Man backpack.

Espinoza jumped out of a vehicle and shot Shaw in the stomach before firing an execution-style shot to his head. In 2012, Espinoza – who was in the country illegally – received a death sentence for Shaw’s murder.

Jamiel Shaw Sr. is a strong advocate for Donald Trump. Here is Jamiel Shaw Sr., after being introduce by Trump, talking about his son’s death:

Now is Donald Trump has the right idea about immigration? Jamiel Shaw Sr. seems to think so. That is why Shaw Sr. has endorsed him.

The NY Times, notes this ad is similar to the infamous “Willie Horton” and how this will stand out:

The ad conveys a sense of menace without attacking any of the other Republicans in the race, and highlights a core argument of Mr. Trump’s campaign. It is in some ways evocative of the well-known “Willie Horton” ad that ran against the 1988 Democratic presidential nominee, Gov. Michael Dukakis of Masschusetts (sic). That ad, which featured a black man who killed a white person after being released from prison under a Dukakis administration program, was overtly racial; the Trump ad does not mention the nationality or background of the man convicted in the 2008 killing.

Regardless of how people view the politics of the immigration debate, the spot is certain to stand out amid a clutter of advertising on the South Carolina airwaves.

I agree. It’s super effective ad indeed. Couple with police officers endorsement of Donald Trump, you can’t help wonder that Trump will be the law enforcement guy. In a world descending into chaos, someone offering order is refreshing.

One more thing about the ad: Since the ad doesn’t attack other GOP candidates, Donald Trump can use the ad in the general election. Just saying.

Well, see ya’ later!


#FLSen: The Great @AlanGrayson/@SenatorReid Slap Fight

There’s nothing more trilling than two morally challenged, white-male Democrats bitch slapping each other over …ethics.

Let’s set the stage here. Rep. Alan Grayson has been caught leading a double life as a Hedge Fund Manager, on the Cayman Islands. Now it is far from me to criticizing anyone who wants to make a buck, which is basically why I only tweeted about the subject. I just don’t like Rep. Alan Grayson’s politics.

(Via Hot Air) However Senator Harry Reid has taken exception to Rep Alan Grayson running for U.S. Senate:

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on Friday called for U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson to drop out of the race for a Senate seat in Florida.

Reid said in a statement that Grayson claims to be progressive but seems to have “no moral compass.” He said Grayson used his office to unethically promote a hedge fund that until recently had been based in the Cayman Islands. …

“His actions aren’t just disgraceful to the Democratic Party, they disgrace the halls of Congress,” Reid said.

Moral compass? Ethics? Says the man who lied on the Senate floor to throw an election:

Harry Reid, D-Nev. has no regrets about his 2012 claims that then presidential candidate Mitt Romney paid no taxes for 10 years.

The outgoing Senate Minority Leader even bragged to CNN that the comments, which had been described as McCarthyism, helped keep Romney from winning the election.

They can call it whatever they want. Romney didn’t win did he?” Reid said during a wide-ranging interview.

Senator Harry Reid needs to make that self-awareness roll again, because he keeps failing it.

Of course, Mr. Florida Beastmode is not going to take this lying down:

Suggesting that Reid “may well prefer corrupt Establishment errand boy” and rival Democrat Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla.), Grayson excoriated the retiring Nevada Senator in an email to Independent Journal Review:

I’m running against a rigged system and the Washington Establishment, so it’s no surprise that its departing figurehead, who failed so badly in the 2014 Senate races, relies on a false and misleading hyped story to try to pressure me out of this race. The reason why he is making such an absurd statement at all is that he knows that I’m well ahead in the polls, and heading for a strong primary victory.” …

“Sen. Reid managed to find a way to lose six out of seven open Senate seats in 2014, and lose six incumbent Democrats when the GOP lost none. Now he is personally attacking the clear choice of Florida Democrats, making the party into a circular firing squad.”

Yeah! You tell that has-been Senator Reid a thing or two, Rep. Grayson! Don’t let them suppress you! You are better than that, Grayson! No one tells Alan Grayson to go home or shut-up! Florida picks its nominees and not some Washington DC winkle-old white guy and Establishment errand boy! Show them were the sun shines, here in Florida and not DC!

Er… Sorry about that. Got excited. As a side note, I fully endorse Lt Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera for the US Senate.

Well, see ya’ later!


#FeelTheBern: I Think @HillaryClinton Is Done

After last night, I think Hillary Clinton is done. With Senator Bernie Sanders’ YUGE win in New Hampshire* and the very near win in Iowa*, he has the wind to his back. Sanders even has a plan to break Clinton’s Southern Firewall:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) plans to pour resources into South Carolina to improve his standing with black voters in the state to punch a hole in Hillary Clinton’s electoral firewall. …

Sanders plans to boost his numbers by financing a major grassroots campaign introducing himself to minority voters in the state.

“We’re hiring half the state of South Carolina. Unemployment will go down,” quipped a campaign official. “We’re going to mount a very strong grassroots campaign and have young African-Americans knocking on doors in African-American communities.”

If the experiment proves successful in South Carolina, the campaign will next target Georgia, which has a relatively young and educated black electorate.

That was the plan BEFORE Iowa and New Hampshire. Now with the near Iowa win and 20% New Hampshire win under his belt, Bernie Sanders can go to his (big and/or small) donors and ask for more money to so that everyone can #FeelTheBern. I can’t see Hillary Clinton going to her (big and/or small) donors, hat in hand, asking to fend off the unstoppable #BernieBros train.

Personally, I don’t care which one the Democrats pick. There are huge drawbacks for either nominee.

With A Sanders Nomination: The center-left bolts right in the loving arms of the Republican party. Since Bernie Sanders is a huge Gun Rights guy, the gun control groups/supporters also stay home.

With A Clinton Nomination: The far left stays home when she shifts back to the center. We can even throw her extreme stances back at her when she does try to move to the center. I mean, the far left is backing Sanders to the hilt and they will feel (rightly) cheated of their candidate loses. Her coming non-indictment (and that is why she is sucking up to Obama right now) will also be an example of her “white privileged” to escape justice.

We could pick anyone from our side and beat both Democrats in the general election. I would be delighted if they both keep bashing each other until then. Barring an act of God, I don’t think the two Dem front-runners can win dog-catcher election right now.

I want to note that this is just my opinions based off of my observations. I could be wrong. Until I read something to the contrary, I will think this is our election to lose.

Well, see ya’ later!


#KosKids: Loony Left Liberal Lying Liars!

I like to start a feature where I take a look at the distorted views of the clinically insane. Or more commonly known to us on the right-side of the blogosphere, as the KosKids. They are the dedicated and brain-dead followers of Markos Moulitsas, and they have bought some prime real estate at the bottom of the rabbit hole. This feature will take a look at how far down they have gone. I am going to link them, but I beg you don’t click on them.

Today we take a hard look at the Loony Left Liberal Lying Liars!

BBC: “UN panel “rules in Julian Assange’s favour'”

This writer, ask (Side Note: I fucking hate the handles of some of these KosKids.), just pretty much reprints the BCC and Julian Assange talking points.

What is amazing is the comments. There is clearly a divide in the SJW movement on Assange. One side clearly believes in Julian Assange claim he didn’t rape anyone and another side who thinks Assange is getting away with rape. Someone is clearly lying here and we had better find out who it is. Is Sweden making up rape charges? Or is Julian Assange lying about not raping someone?

A better, more popular, conservative writer would be able to fully benefit from this than me. Let’s file this interesting fact away for later.

Marco Rubio shows off his lying skills in abortion attack on Hillary Clinton

Laura Clawson accuses Marco Rubio of lying about Hillary Clinton’s stance on abortion. Okay, let us see what Marco Rubio said first:

“Hillary Clinton is an extremist on this issue,” the Florida Republican (Marco Rubio) said Thursday in New Hampshire. “She believes there should be no such thing as an illegal abortion — even on the due date.”

Here is what Hillary Clinton said about abortion:

“This is one of those really painful questions that people raise and obviously it’s really emotional,” (Sec. Hillary Clinton) began. “I think that the kind of late term abortions that take place are because of medical necessity.”

She concluded, “Therefore, I would hate to see the government interfering with that decision.

How dare Laura Clawson lie.

Sanders Caught Lying on Debate Stage

Speaking of presidential liars, cblodg hammers Senator Bernie Sanders for claiming an endorsement he never got. This is a pretty good catch for a brain-dead newt.

But honestly, what was Bernie Sanders thinking here? When communications is as fast as it is going to get with our level of technology, did anyone stop to think that this would not be checked on and found out?

Well, see ya’ later!


The @UN’s #JulianAssange #ArbitrarilyDetained Ruling Is Bullshit

Hey look! It’s the UN again, riding out to subvert the rule-of-law and the sovereignty of a western nation for reasons:

In 2014, Mr Assange complained to the UN that he was being “arbitrarily detained” as he could not leave the embassy without being arrested.

The application claimed Mr Assange had been “deprived of his liberty in an arbitrary manner for an unacceptable length of time”.

The UN’s Working Group on Arbitrary Detention is due to announce the findings of its investigation on Friday.

While the BBC understands the panel will find in Mr Assange’s favour, Wikileaks tweeted it was waiting for “official confirmation”.

“Arbitrarily Detained” means you are held against your will without due process or the force of the law. In effect, you are kidnapped or being held as a hostage.

Assange is not being forcibly detained in any way shape or form. He is voluntarily squatting at an Ecuadorean embassy to avoid justice:

Australian Mr Assange was originally arrested in London in 2010 under a European Arrest Warrant issued by Sweden.

He claimed asylum inside the Ecuadorean embassy in Knightsbridge after the UK Supreme Court ruled the extradition against him could go ahead.

He’s being accused of RAPE in Sweden. So after losing all his legal appeals, Julian Assange threw a fit and has now spent the last three plus years holed up at the Ecuadorean embassy in Knightsbridge.

On what grounds is Julian Assange so afraid of going to Sweden again?

His Wikileaks organisation posted secret American government documents on the internet, and Mr Assange says he believes Washington will seek his transfer to the US if he is sent to Sweden.

I don’t get it. The US has its own extradition treaty with the UK. Sure he is a scumbag for posting some documents exposing intelligence assets. Why would the United States wait until he got to Sweden?

I mean, we have no legal leg to charge him with anything. We already put away Bradly Manning for that a while ago and he’ll spend 35 years behind bars. I don’t think Julian Assange personally broke into US government computers to get classified documents himself. That’s the problem with paranoid-schizophrenics. I guess when you are balls deep in conspiracy theories, you see them everywhere no matter how dumb they sound. I am angry that, once again, the UN is going to feed someone’s awful paranoid delusions and undermine two nations sovereignty in carrying out the rule-of-law. Using the United States as the catch-all boogeyman has worked once again.

I am, however, highly amused at how Julian Assange has gotten the Ecuador government to take care of him for the last three plus years. Assange has everything he could want, like a place to sleep and food/internet. He could leave the Ecuadorean embassy in Knightsbridge at any time he wants, but Assange CHOOSES not to do so.

Well, see ya’ later!

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