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This is basicly my Twitter “Read Me” page. I’m a respectable person who has taken pity on you. Please check out my novel, “Trident Force Chronicles: Sentinel’s Fall” or the rest of my site while you are here. So here are some things you need to know:

  1. Follow me, eight times out of ten I will follow you back. Unless you speak no English, you are a spammer, a TwitterEgg, or have no tweets, I will follow you. Give me at least 24 hours.
  2. Following me is not an express support of my opinions or tweets. Me following you is not an express support of your opinions or tweets.
  3. #FF = Follow Friday. If you follow me and I follow you back, then you will get on the following #FF! If you RT or Like or Reply to a tweet (except #FF tweets) and we both follow each other, then you will end up on #FF!
  4. I will not unfollow someone, unless there is a very, VERY good reason to do so (like spamming). Do not ask me to unfollow anyone.
  5. If somehow I unfollowed you and that seems like a mistake, do not hesitate to DM or tweet me and I will re-follow you.
  6. I will not tweet “I am going to the mall” or the like. I tweet to share information, or rant.
  7. I live in the Eastern Time Zone and to keep my sanity intact, this is the only one that matters to me. Bitching to me about “spoilers” will fall on deaf ears.
  8. I will not NORMALLY reply to tweets. Nine times out of ten, I’ll take it to DMs. Please follow me so I can.
  9. I will not DM you just to DM you nonsense or pics of myself. That’s not my style.
  10. I will DM you to thank you for following me or placing me on one of your lists (if I can, please follow me so I can thank you).
  11. Let me know about your birthday, please!
  12. Dismissing me after I tell you to take it to DMs is a one way ticket to pissing me off and will likely get you blocked.
  13. Goes without saying: Retweets are not endorsements (of article or author or website), I merely suggest you read or consider linked article.
  14. This list can and will be updated without warning. Please check back for updates.

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