Hello and welcome to BigGator5.net!! You might be thinking why you should be coming around. I can’t answer that, but I can answer other questions:

Q: Who are you?
A: I am the ever lovable BigGator5. I like to think of myself as an amateur writer who wants to one day get publish. You may either love me or hate me.

Q: I thought you hated blogs?
A: I still do. However it has become a pain of late to keep up with my old site. When Haloscan folded (and became another site), I found that my template had become obsolete and there was no way to go through every single entry and alter them. WordPress allows me template alteration and I don’t have to go back to every signle entry. It also seems the way of the future, and it’s free.

Q: What happen to your forum?
A: Still down. However once I get this up and the way I like it, then I will work on it and open it. Or it may never come back. We’ll see how popular this site becomes.

Q: I’m a guest, I can’t seem to comment.
A: Please sign-up, it’s free and easy to do. Once you do, you can start commenting right away. If you want to comment without signing up, then get your own blog and ping a trackback. And no, you can’t comment on this entry.

Florida Hurricane Relief Fund
Doctors Without Borders

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