#GunSense: Ban #BumpStocks Discussion

After the Mandalay Bay Shooting in Las Vegas, I became slightly disturbed upon learning what bump-stocks were. They left me feeling really uneasy. The idea of something so simple can turn a semiautomatic into an automatic just didn’t sit well with me.

Like me, friend Jazz Shaw also never heard of these bump-stocks and he too doesn’t like them very much. While you should read the full thing, here is the main thrust of the article:

…I think we need to consider a ban on both bump stocks and these automatic fire conversion kits. (…)

Assuming you’ll allow me to get in a word edgewise after making that statement, permit me to expand on my reasoning here. The fact is that if conservatives truly want to maintain the brand of being supporters of the rule of law in a society guarded by constitutional law and order, we must recognize (even if you disagree) that fully automatic weapons are illegal in almost every instance. (We have a few exceptions which all require the highest level of background checks and federal scrutiny.) We can have a separate debate on whether such a ban is acceptable if you wish, but as things currently stand, that’s the law.

These conversion kits and bump stocks only exist for one reason, and that’s to allow a semiautomatic rifle to fire as a fully automatic model. You can pull out your amateur lawyer thesaurus (or professional copy for you actual lawyers) and try to talk your way around this subject, but there is no other purpose for these products to exist. If you accept that the law forbids the possession of fully automatic weapons in all but the most limited cases, then these products should also be illegal unless the purchaser already qualifies for ownership of a fully automatic weapons. For everyone else they should be banned.

Right on! Jazz made some really good points there.

However I did learn more about the subject at hand. As it turns out, bump-stocks (or sometimes called bump-fire-stocks) don’t turn semiautomatics into fully automatics. All bump-stocks do is simulate automatic fire. And yet I did not fully understand HOW bump-stocks simulated automatic fire, so my mind still wasn’t made up at this point.

Still very conflicted, I wanted to talk this out with someone. Nothing against Jazz Shaw, but I want to get a couple more opinions from other people.

Anthony Brian Logan hosts a show on YouTube and I wanted to get his take and this is how it went down:

Alright, you can stop laughing now. The line “A Bad Taste In My Mouth” was the only thing I could think of at the time.

Anthony gave me a lot to chew on. Then Jacob Wohl’s tweet sealed the deal for me:

This was the missing piece of info I needed to make up my mind. The bump-stock has NO mechanical parts or springs and is wholly dependent on the shooter to appear to be firing an automatic. While I must have read this explanation a dozen or so times, it took a document from President Barack Obama’s ATF to make me see the light of day. Thanks Obama!

Before I close-up, I do want to apologize to Jazz Shaw a little here. I was on the fence about bump-stocks when I first heard about them and his article push me on the “Ban Them” side (and I told him as much). After learning more about them and deep prayers, I can firmly say that I am on the “Don’t Ban Them” side (for now). I will hold no ill will against gun-rights conservatives who supports banning them, for now, because we are all still trying to wrap our heads around these things.

Should we ban bump-stocks? No. From what I’m told, they aren’t very popular to begin with anyway. You can’t aim for shit with a bump-stock and so you break the fourth gun safety rule* with them attached. For self-defense and hunting purposes, they suck. It is also not a mechanical conversion and still makes you do all the work. Personally, I honestly don’t see the value in them**.

The debate is just beginning. I, for one, look forward to having it.

Well, see ya’ later!

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Book: “Hands Off My Gun: Defeating The Plot To Disarm America” by Dana Loesch

PS: I still totally agree with Jazz Shaw on automatic fire conversion kits. THAT is a mechanical conversion. I do support banning them.

*Be Sure Of Your Target, And The Background Beyond.

**”But Gator, if you see no value in them, why not ban them?” There are many things that have no material value to me, but that doesn’t mean I want to ban them.

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