#Christmas2016: (@BrilliantGames) #SantaClaus Army’s Fall

There was no other possible ending to this battle:

At least, as the battle presented to us here. So many mistakes made it’s not even funny.

Right off the bat the Penguins had a 2.75 to 1 advantage over the Santa Claus (SC) army. You can tell by the end of the video that the Penguin army’s leaping of the ledges did nothing for them, but they died in such small numbers that it did not help the SC army.

Second, the Penguins had the high ground. Honestly, even Sun Tzu knew the high ground was important:

With regard to precipitous heights, if you are beforehand with your adversary, you should occupy the raised and sunny spots, and there wait for him to come up. If the enemy has occupied them before you, do not follow him, but retreat and try to entice him away.

The SC army had taken the narrow pass of a box canyon, but did not install a garrison:

With regard to narrow passes, if you can occupy them first, let them be strongly garrisoned and await the advent of the enemy. Should the army forestall you in occupying a pass, do not go after him if the pass is fully garrisoned, but only if it is weakly garrisoned.

The Penguins was able to surround the SC army at the entrance of the narrow pass of the box canyon and push them back with their superior numbers. If the SC army had installed a garrison or had been a heavy infantry (the killing of the very last Santa Claus showed how weak a class of infantry the SC army was), then it might have been a different story altogether.

Up and down, the Santa Claus army made one bad mistake after another. Nothing else gets you in the spirit of Christmas than seeing an army of 11,000 Penguins gut the weaker 4,000 Santa Claus army.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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PS: This is a joke post, people. Don’t take this seriously. I love this video, so I am sharing.

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