#FridayFiction: #100WordChallenge | “The Kingfisher Shooter”

“So it was a 600 meter shot.”

“The Kingfisher Shot.”

“The what now?! What’re you on about.”

“The Kingfisher Shot is what I like to call a 600 meter shot. There is an old WWII legend I read where a sniper, after waiting three hours for his target, attracted the attention of two Common Kingfisher who perched on his scope.”

“Fascinating. How does that help us?”

“It gives us the name of this killer. Two US Representatives kill by a sniper who can shoot 600 meters. He’s just crying out for a name.”

“The Kingfisher Shooter. We can call him that for now.”

I know that’s supposed to be a camera scope in today’s inspiration, but I couldn’t help but see a sniper’s scope instead. Also, I see my friend Jimmie Bise posted his short story today. So nice to see him. I hope he does more. Enjoy!

Music: “Indestructible” by Disturbed
Music: “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy

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