#FridayFiction: #100WordChallenge | “The Poacher’s Turn”

She should have used poison. But no, she wanted to get up close and personal.

The poacher hit the ground. Even with two ribs broken, she quickly pick up his rifle and aimed it at the matriarch that just sent her flying.

The poacher and the matriarch stared at each other’s eyes. A calf suddenly appeared and the poacher.

“Alright,” said the poacher, slowly lowering the rifle. “I’m done.”

The calf’s trunk felt up the matriarch and then ran back to the rest of the herd.

The poacher found herself breathing heavily as she slowly backed away from the matriarch.

Not only is today is World Elephant Day and today’s inspiration, but this is the 100th 100-Word-Challenge. I hope you enjoy!

Music: “Points Of Authority” by Linkin Park
Book: “The Duck Commander Devotional” by Alan Robertson

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