#MondayFiction: #100WordChallenge | “Hospitaller vs Templar”

In the distance from Mar Saba, a Knight Hospitaller and a Knight Templar stood before each other in full battle dress.

“It’s time you pay for your blasphemous words-” started the Templar before being cut off by his rival.

“Don’t pretend this is anything but settling old scores, Templar pig filth!” The Templar bristled at this insult. The Hospitaller continued. “But know that whoever wins, returns to the War Of Saint Sabas with a win for his order!”

“Agreed! Let this be our final battle!”

Both drawing their swords, they raised their weapons and charged at each other in anger.

Via today’s inspiration, a Knight Hospitaller and a Knight Templar faced off during the War Of Saint Sabas. This is actually very fascinating to me. I wonder if the Knights Hospitaller and Knights Templar ever fought each other before or after. Well, enjoy!

Music: “Civil War” by Guns N’ Roses
Music: “Losing My Religion” by R.E.M.

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