#FridayFiction: #100WordChallenge | “Harbin Showdown”

The Ministry Of State Security agent peered carefully through the doors into the main hall of Harbin Opera House. There, he saw the undercover CIA agent ran down the steps toward to the main stage.

As quickly as he could, he got out his glock and shot the fleeing spy. The CIA agent fell.

The MSS agent then went to the CIA agent and started patting the American down. “Where?! Were is the micro film?!”

“I… I don’t have it…” said the CIA agent with blood coming out of his mouth. “The film… it is long gone. I was the decoy!”

A little spy thriller for you, via today’s inspiration. Enjoy!

Music: “Points Of Authority” by Linkin Park
Music: “Indestructible” by Disturbed

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