#MondayFiction: #100WordChallenge | “Lioness Gossip”

“I hear there’s a nomad roaming the edges of our pride.”

“Male nomad?”

“Yes, older sister.”

“Interesting. Our eldest male is kind of slow of late. Go ahead and send him smaller sister. Middle sister?”

“Do you wish for me to go with him, older sister?”

“Yes. If eldest male fends off this challenge, good for him. If this nomad should win-”

“Oh, older sister, may I have him? I am ready to have cubs of my own!”

“That seems most acceptable, smaller sister.”

“I love you, older sister!”

“As do I, older sister!”

“As I love you both, sisters!”

You know, I’ve been bitching about Bing’s image selection of late. They’re beautiful, but ultimately I have a to find a story for it. Today inspiration, at last, was different. This image told me that these lionesses were talking to each other. What they talked about, was my work. Enjoy!

Music: “Heartstrings” by Berlin
Music: “Holding Out For A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler

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