The Swamp #49

Thank God I Don’t Have An iPhone!

The Swamp #49: Last Five! #GoingRed Talk And #NationalSecurity Debate! @EdMorrissey Guest!

I am very excited to have Ed Morrissey from HotAir.com on to talk about his book, Going Red! Which you can pre-order right now! We had a little tech glitch, but plow on through because we do get it corrected!

Then somehow got talking about the national security debate around the whole Apple vs FBI mess. I let Ed Morrissey go (because he had other stuff to do) and brought in Kat (now currently on Red Maryland) to finish up the awesome debate.

No read links today, because honestly who reads those anyway?

Well, see ya’ later!

Mood: Excited
Music: “The Pursuit Of Vikings” by Amon Amarth
Book: “Going Red: The Two Million Voters Who Will Elect The Next President” by Ed Morrissey

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