The Swamp #47

Not So Affordable, Is It?!

The Swamp #47: Last Five! #ACA/#ObamaCare! @RedOctober82 Guest!

This is a unique day as we have a listener to the podcast, Jon G, on as a guest! He’s in the insurance industry and I thought it would be fascinating to get his take on ObamaCare. Please keep a close eye on him, because he might just be starting a blog soon! Jon G is ready to break-out and I foresee that he will be YUGE!


Five Easy Ways To Game ObamaCare by Patrick Paule

Gaming Obamacare by Paul Demko

Gaming of Obamacare Poses a Fatal Threat by Megan McArdle

Gaming the Obamacare system leading to sky-high premiums by Rick Moran

Well, see ya’ later!

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Music: “The Fearless Must Endure (Feat. Zakk Wylde)” by Jasta
Book: “REPEAL ObamaCare” by Jody Long

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