The “It’s Not Funny” #DonVerdean #Reaction And Discussion

I like to pride myself on my sense of humor. I find some stuff funny, that some people don’t. I also have a saying that “If you can’t laugh at yourself, you don’t know a good joke.” and try to live by it.

I tell you all this, so you won’t think the outright blasphemy (and I will talk more about that later) is what most offends me. What offends me is that this trailer is not funny. At all:

There are only five jokes here and they all fall flat. Not a single one is redeemable:

1) So Don hits Carroll in the uterus with a rock. And that’s the joke. But it is not funny. A joke has to have a turn. If Carroll had a chastity belt, for example, that protected her from the rock and then everyone stands around going “Why do you have a chastity belt?” would have been funny.

2) Satan And Grape Nuts. Nuts! Get it, Nuts! Tee-Hee! …No, that’s not funny. That’s only funny to a five-year-old!

3) “Holy Land Over Here, Not There” No one thinks or says that. No one!

4) Pastor Fontaine (played by Will Forte) tells someone to put a dead dog in everyone’s cars. That is gross.

5) “Like Lucifer has farted in my brain.” …What?! That makes zero sense!

The acting also seems wooden.

Also, a bunch of people commit evil in God’s name and I am disgusted to no end. I will let David Prager explain why this is such a grave blasphemy:

This is a movie about a bunch of people who totally misuse God’s name and do seemly bad acts, like stealing and lying, also in God’s name. And I bet you all the tea in China that the makers of this film, including the actors, think Christians act like this and would say Christians are just getting their comeuppance.

I am not one for boycotts, but if you’re a Christian and wish for this nonsense to stop, you should just avoid this film altogether.

Well, see ya’ later!

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Book: “The Ten Commandments: Still The Best Moral Code” by Dennis Prager

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