#Election2016: Did @HillaryClinton Admit To #Perjury On Live TV?

At some point, watching someone repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot becomes boring. We are not just yet at this point with Hillary Clinton:

Yep. Clinton just admitted (ON LIVE TV!) that she didn’t participate in her email review and she can’t guarantee FBI won’t find anything. Up until now, she has stated flatly that she turned over all work related emails without qualifiers. Not only is she moving the goal posts and passing the buck to her lawyers now that her deleted emails have been recovered, but she might have outright committed perjury on the August 8, 2015 affidavit Hillary Clinton signed.

What affidavit? This affidavit:

Hillary Clinton Email Affidavit

Now I am no lawyer, but I can read plain language and this affidavit is readable. If, for some reason, you cannot read the file, here is the relevant parts:

I, Hillary Rodham Clinton, declare under penalty of perjury that the following is true and correct:

…I have directed that all my e-mails on in my custody that were or potentially were federal records be provided to the Department of State, and on information and belief, this has been done.

If I was David Kendall, I’d be getting my own lawyer at this point and maybe look into cutting a plea deal. I don’t know how clear this can be people. If a bench warrant isn’t issued for Hillary Clinton in the next few months, I’ll be outright astonished. Only time will tell if there is a cover-up or not.

Well, see ya’ later!

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