Yes @zblay, #RachelDolezal And #CaitlynJenner Is The Same Thing

Meet Zeba Blay. She does logical gymnastics in order to convince you that Rachel Dolezal and Caitlyn Jenner are not the same thing. My job today is to explain how Blay basically does and ends up making the case against both. Let’s break down the insanity.

And yet, despite overwhelming criticism, some commentators have questioned whether (Rachel) Dolezal has done anything wrong. Many have pointed to her living as a black woman as an example of something known as #transracial identity, even comparing Dolezal’s story to Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

But let’s make one thing clear: transracial identity is not a thing.

Thing is, I agree with Zeba Blay. Transracial isn’t an identity. On the gripping hand, Blay uses “transracial” as the only term when referring to Rachel Dolezal and it is clear I need to define a few terms here. I want to note that I am not a SJW and I did my research more than she did!

Transracial – A person that is born one race, but can fit into multiple races through their actions. For example, I love the Japanese people and their culture (this is a true fact of me). I understand and get them. If I had the money, I deck out my room with some stuff from Japan. I love their movies and I am a huge anime fan, strictly subtitle guy (even if I can’t fully understand Japanese yet). If I had the time to learn their language fully, I could move to Japan for a visit and fit right in (maybe). I am not deluded enough to think I am actually Japanese.

Transethnic – A person who feels that they should be from a different ethnicity. This is, for example, Rachel Dolezal. Something has happen and Rachel thinks she is black. As Zeba Blay rightly pointed out later on, it was a fantasy taken to unhealthy levels.

Just as something has happen to Bruce Jenner to think he is now Caitlyn Jenner.

The idea that Dolezal’s choice to publicly identify as a black woman — one who occupied positions of power in spaces specifically designated for members of a marginalized group — is the same as being a trans woman, simply doesn’t add up.

How? Aren’t white women just as much a “marginalized group” according to SJW Logic as black women or black people in general?

What Dolezal did is culturally appropriative,…

Fuck me. “Cultural Appropriation” is such a retarded thing. Other people have been able to more effectively debunk cultural appropriation myth, that I am just going to just embed this great video:

…and suggesting otherwise disrupts actual discussions about transgender identity and issues.

I agree with Zeba Blay. If you reject Transethnic, you must also reject Transgender. That is why Blay tries desperately tries to uncouple them by describing how one is right and one is wrong, but jumps through all kinds of hoops to do so. I would also like to point out that Blay only tries to debunk Transethnic and not defend Transgender in any meaningful way. Let’s start, shall we.

As Darnell L. Moore of Mic eloquently put it, “In attempting to pass as black, Dolezal falsely represented her identity. Trans people don’t lie about their gender identities – they express their gender according to categories that reflect who they are.”

Racial divisions may ultimately be a construct, Moore notes, but “skin color is hereditary.” And it’s skin color that primarily determines racial privilege, and the way others in the world interact with your racial identity.

Right, and gender is not hereditary? They have yet to find the Transgender chromosome yet. I breathlessly wait the day that Transgender woman gets pregnant. For fun let’s substitute “sex” for “skin color” and “gender” with “racial” in that last line and see if it makes sense.

“And it’s sex that primarily determines gender privilege, and the way others in the world interact with your gender identity.”

Ops. It does.

[Transethnic] identity is a concept that allows white people to indulge in blackness as a commodity, without having to actually engage with every facet of what being black entails — discrimination, marginalization, oppression, and so on.

I agree.

However doesn’t Transgender allow men and women to indulge in gender as a commodity? Bruce Jenner has always been a guy. If you believe in “white male privilege”, then he has never been discriminate, marginalized, or oppressed when Jenner was a man.

Now I anyone should be able to hold a reasonable opinion on anything. SJW Logic says your opinion is only right, if you hold the right opinion. Your right opinion holds more water if you are a part of the “marginalized” class. I am just pointing out how dumb this argument is right now.

It plays into racial stereotypes, and perpetuates the false idea that it is possible to “feel” a race.

Just like it is possible to “feel” a gender? See my point?

As a white woman, Dolezal retains her privilege; she can take out the box braids and strip off the self-tanner and navigate the world without the stigma tied to actually being black. Her connection to racial oppression is something she has complete control over, a costume she can put on — and take off — as she pleases.

Caitlyn Jenner can also figure out that being a woman is not all it is crack up to be, and can return to being Bruce Jenner with as much effort as it took to become Caitlyn.

Dolezal’s delusion and commitment to living as a black woman is profound. And it’s inherently wrong. The implications of a white woman, donning blackness and then using that blackness in order to navigate black spaces is offensive.

Bruce Jenner, donning womanhood and then could use that womanhood in order to navigate woman spaces too.

And comparing her life to Caitlyn Jenner’s is an insult to Jenner’s personal struggle. “I’m not doing this to be interesting. I’m doing this to live,” she told Vanity Fair.

Right. Hey, you plan on watching “I Am Cati” when it comes out July 26?

Dolezal is not trying to survive. She’s merely indulging in the fantasy of being “other.”

So is Bruce Jenner’s fantasy of being a woman. As we have established, both gender and ethnicity is hereditary. You cannot “mentally will” yourself new genetics. Transgender, Transablism, and now Transethnic are all fantasies/obsessions taken to mentally unhealthy levels. The World Health Organization classifies Transgender as a mental disorder, because of that underlying fantasy/obsession.

Anorexia Nervosa is mental disorder too, because there is an unhealthy mental fantasy/obsession about being skinny. I don’t see people rushing to make anorexia acceptable (yet… I hope…).

I am not trying to marginalize anyone here. On the contrary, these people are crying out for help and letting them indulge in unhealthy mental fantasy/obsession is not helpful. Shaming or locking people up is not the answer. We need to develop respectful mental health treatments for Transgender, Transablism, and Transethnic people before this gets out of control. I just hope it is not too late.

Well, see ya’ later!

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