#FridayFiction: #100WordChallenge | “Dream Girl”

“I dreamed her again.”

“The smoking, platinum blonde girl in the black dress?”


“Tell me what happen.”

“Well, she is standing by a window looking through blinds. I ask her what is happening outside. She turns and smiles at me without a word.”


“I don’t want to look out the window. I know what is beyond it and I am horrified.”

“Did you look out?”

“I move closer and closer to the window, even if I don’t want to. She beckons me to look out and face what I don’t want to face, ever. Then I looked out…”

I almost went with Tania’s image this week. However Darleen’s image grabbed me the most. So I do like that I now have a choice of images.

Music: “Swingtown” by Steve Miller Band
Book: “Lucid Dreaming, Plain And Simple: Tips And Techniques For Insight, Creativity, And Personal Growth” by Robert Waggoner and Caroline McCready

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