The Swamp #26

The War On Bacon Is Ongoing!!

The Swamp #26: #WarOnBacon, #CivilDisobedience, #SciFiGate, @LincolnFarish Guest!

Yay! Texas Transplant returns to give us an important update on the War On Bacon. These are dark times people, Bacon Forever! Then we talk about the election a little bit. Then I go off on how liberals have brought shame to Civil Disobedience and Hunger Strikes.

Then we bring on “Junior Inquisitor (Inquisitor Series Book 1)” author, Lincoln Farish, to talk about Sad Puppies 3 and the progressive melt-down over the Hugo Awards. But before you listen, check out my Patreon Page!


Al Sharpton threatens hunger strike if Loretta Lynch is not confirmed AG. by Moe Lane

Open Letter About Sad Puppies Addendum by Larry Correia

The Hugo Awards: How to Fight Back in the Culture War

Well, see ya’ later!

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Book: “Junior Inquisitor (Inquisitor Series Book 1)” by Lincoln Farish

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