(Updated) Laptop Overheating

(Major Update) 04/16/2011: Two weeks. Two mother-fucking weeks.

I was able to find someone who could help me fix my computer for free, if I can get a replacement for the broken motherboard. However I have to wait two motherfucking weeks to even order the bloody thing. Then wait for it to be repaired. Oh well, I’m a patient man. As far as I know the hard drive is intact and that is all that matters right now, computer-wise.

I also found DragonGate’s email address and informed her of alternate contact info in case I don’t have it up and running by the time she gets here. DragonGate is all that matters to me in my life right now and I don’t know what I do if something happen to her or if I lost contact with her.


I think I am having some trouble with my laptop; namely that of overheating.

For a long time now, the internal fan was making this aweful noise. Suddenly, about two weeks ago, it stopped. Now my laptop gets really hot and really quick. A couple of times now, it has shut-off by itself. Luckily enough, it starts right back up with no visable ill effects. I have taken to step of putting a slightly damp napkin over the hottest parts.

I’m honestly really worried. My laptop is no longer covered by warrenty. I could have renewed it, but I am broke and didn’t have the money. Now if I want to get it fixed; it will cost me money I don’t have.

I’m going to start limiting my computer use for the foreseeable future. So you will see less and less of me online. Just letting you all know.

(Update) 04/12/2011: Well, that was quick. My computer is now dead. I can’t turn it back on.

(Update) 04/14/2011: Still no word on my laptop. I will see if I can’t sell it for no less than $600 if it comes to that, for that will solve a lot of my short-term problems. If the motherboard is only thing wrong with it, there are still a lot of good parts on that thing. I still have the hard drive and that should still be good. Anyone can still email me on my original email address, I just won’t get it until I get a new computer.

To DragonGate: I hope you know my home phone or cell number. When you get back state-side, call me. You should also know my Yahoo email, just in case (I’ll keep an eye out for you there).

(Update) 04/14/2011: Got a call on a repair quote: $500 I really want my computer back. However I know people are going to be complete assholes and tell me I can’t have the money to get it repaired. Even the repair guy was being a fucking jerk to me about repairing it. Why not, everyone else treats me like dirt.

Well, see ya’ later!

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