I will not talk much about the movie, because others did a much better job at giving a review. I do have a few thoughts that I do I want to express:

When I was driving home after watching this movie, I realized that I had just watch one of my dreams. Not the movie itself, but more or less the concept. My dreams sometimes starts off normal enough and then it just turns weird or epic in scope. I don’t remember much when I wake up, but I do remember that they rarely do have an ending. I also rarely dream the same dream and sometimes wish I could control my dreams better. If I could remember every one of my dreams, I would be a very prolific and rich writer.

I love the concept and the characters. That said, I feel a little cheated not knowing the fate of the monster. The guy who made the movie said that their might be more “movies” going on at the same time with a different point-of-view. What I would like to see in a sequel, is what I call “world-view” conventional follow-up to this movie. Maybe they could slice references to the first moive with the next one.

However I still enjoyed this moive greatly. I was on the edge of my seat and did feel like I was with there with the characters. I suggest you go watch this movie while it is still on the big screen.

Well, see ya’ later!

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